Full disclosure: I ve fortunately never been held at gunpoint. I have however, been mugged for a box of donuts. It was Monday April 21st, 2008 and I was walking down the gritty streets of Toronto with a nearly full box of donuts in my hand.

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Bermuda,  Martinique,  the Exumas, and Barbados may "grab" the spotlight,  when it comes to Caribbean travel, though there is one island, that tends to be less in the spotlight,  that when you visit, will discover is more like that person you didn't realize you've fallen for until it was too late. There's nothing flashy or…

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Jigsaw Days – The Somme, Picardy, France.

From Berlin I’ve flown to Paris late winter, driving north for 2hrs and overnighting in the hamlet of Behen, a classic French Chateau with stately entry paved for WW2 German tanks, towers and walls from 15th and 18th centuries, the stables once bombed by American war planes.

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Look At Me, I'm Tworking!!!

ure you handpicked them, sure you love their energy, and sure you benefit from your global footprint, but are you asking too much for a little communication now and then? Just as you are about to take extreme measures, Michael, your friend and colleague, who served alongside you in the trenches when you were both wide-eyed junior executives, enters your office with a supportive "Dude, your frustration is palpable. What's up?"

After you launch into a brief rant, he asks if you've tried " Tworking".

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It always amazes me that intelligent people are able to see where society is going and can do nothing to avert the disaster.

History is rife with intellectuals warning of impending doom, but the doom happens anyway because the weight of social expectation crushes any individual insight.

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Raising Drama: What is Success?

Anyone who has ever watched a reality show has seen passion. Passion exists when against all odds, one continues to pursue something that one desires. Passion for singing, passion for a new business idea, passion for decorating, passion for cooking, and it goes on and on. The problem is that passion alone is not enough to make a person successful.

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The Damned has a familiar plot, but there are a few moments of tension that counterbalance the similarities to other films.

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The hotel in Jaypore turned out to be surprisingly nice, clean and comfortable. I went to meet Sarat's family after checking in and had a lovely authentic Oriya dinner with them. Jaypore is one of the oldest and most prominent cities of Odisha and is snuggled in the Eastern Ghats. It has a rich royal…

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Have you noticed?

The youth within our society today, either with headphones to tune out verbal encounters, or a screen which cuts off their peripheral vision to the surrounding world?

This doesn’t go just for youth, young adults, but beyond to older individuals, myself included. Maybe the lack of one-on-one personal relationships has deteriorated how we act toward others or respect those outside of those we regularly associate with, our personal ‘bubbles’.

Actions which come across as disrespectful and thoughtless to the ones you are dealing with.

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Journey back to the good ol' days with this old-fashioned Coca Cola cake with a twist! Cherry Cola Cupcakes with Cherry Cream Frosting are whimsical and sure to delight the young and old!

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Fear And Love

What's the scariest thing about falling in love?"

Falling in love is like jumping off a cliff; you don't know if you'll crash and burn, or if someone will save you. You free fall until falling doesn't feel like falling anymore. Sometimes, it feels like it will never end, and other times, you come crashing down faster than you expected.

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