Have you tried the following Cravings Calmer? Let us know if it worked. If you're like most women and many men, your overwhelming cravings for sugary, salty or fatty processed foods often taunt you. At times, you may even feel that those chocolate donuts, onion rings or pretzels are actually calling out to you, "Eat me! Eat me!" Of course, we both know that such thoughts are prepostrerous. Doesn't matter. In fact, for the past 16 years -- since I reluctantly quit sugar and refined carbohydrates on doctor's orders -- many sugar or carb addicts have used this exact same language in bemoaning to me that they feel ruled by their urges for "bad foods." It's time for good news. You do not have to be at the mercy of what I call your Crazy Cravings™

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The Borders of our Lives

I watched Littley the other day, piecing his way along the narrow fences between the chequerboard of gardens that lie between my road and the next. Each territory, marked by parasols and greenhouses is both sacrosanct and shoddy and I feel like a spy as I stand on a stool and overlook the personal space of my neighbours – most of whom I don’t know (even though I have lived here for over twenty years).

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Raising Drama: Thirteen

Turning thirteen! Such a big year in the lives of our children and one we look toward with both excitement and dread. From all that I was told when my daughter was little, I was sure that when she turned thirteen she would turn into a monster. I learned that the best way to confront a future problem is by confronting it before it happens. One of my favorite sayings is, "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure." So long before she turned thirteen, it was a subject that I brought up now and then in our nighttime conversations.

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Guy Debord, author of The Society of the Spectacle, once remarked, "There are two parallel counterrevolutionary confusionist tactics: the partial cooption

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