Publishing a Kindle Serial / Henry Sullivan

didn't know other authors were serial publishing until I started doing it myself. ESCAPE FROM NEW ORLEANS is my first published episode. So far, my readers are really enjoying it, but I am getting questions that I would like to address in this post.

The answers are all related to serial publishing, therefore, in my responses I will share what I know.

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WHY DO PEOPLE FEEL LONELY? / Life, Psychology, And A Lot More

Loneliness is the inability to have satisfying, intimate relationships. It is an unpleasant feeling when an individual desires to have relationships and be with others, but is unable to do so. In other words it can be said that loneliness is a disturbing feeling that results from a need for intimacy that is unfulfilled.

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Things I've Learned Since Turning 30: Relationships | Cupcakes & Cashmere

When I’m mired down by everyday minutiae (Laundry! Dentist appointments! Call mom!), it’s not commonplace, nor front-of-mind, for me to reflect on how I’ve grown. A look back on some of the older archived posts on this site reminds me that I've changed quite a bit. It amazes me how quickly I’ve forgotten that I once had waist-length platinum hair and too-orange skin (and thought I looked pretty awesome at that).

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It’s early morning, The Healer a tall woman with the short-cropped, knotted hair of her people. I lean closer to hear her words, those bloodshot eyes blurred but vacant. She talks of `home’ – and the importance of family – before suddenly falling silent. We’re standing on an elevated ancient seabed: the rocky ridge of Johannesburg’s Melville Koppies; at our backs the distant towers of Jo’burg proper.

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In the 1998 movie "Sliding Doors" the films protagonist, Helen, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, rushes to catch a train before the sliding doors close. From that point the movie splits into two parallel storylines.

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"When we are mindful,
deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love." ~ Thich Nhat Hanhh

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A marble drops on the slate of mind and clatters to silence. It is the lone rattle in the void of ages. I freeze to attention and hold my breath to stop it rolling off the precipice.

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In 1995, I was a 15 year old obsessed with playing my guitar whenever I could and listening to my idols at all times. Perhaps more so than any other year of my life, that year I ate, slept, and breathed all things Clapton, Page, Townshend, and Hendrix. Any available scrap of film I could watch or print I could read about these guys was eagerly devoured (remember, this is in the pre-internet days where it was much harder to find anything...not like today where it's a click away on the web). While working at my summer job as a short-order cook, one of the older guys I worked with told me, "hey, man, if you want to read a good book about Jimi, Setting the Record Straight is the best one."

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