How long does it take people to recover from months or years of serious depression, if they do recover at all? And what extra problems should you be aware of when recovering from depression? Recovery Chance There is no general answer to the first question because individuals can differ widely when it comes to recovery.…

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Humans are a little closer to building robots with attitude: a very little closer.

It's been nearly seven decades since von Neumann helped develop the first electronic computers: the first ones that handled ones and zeroes, anyway. Since then, the Lemming has been impressed with developments like transistors, fiber optics, and pay-per-view cable television.

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Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita's library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret. Today we read how the early Enchanters used desperate measures to protect themselves. Previously: Evolution of Sole-Source Magic Magical Discipline Essence…

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Movies & TV
Why do we love movies so much?

The summer blockbuster season is starting at the movie theatres, and Hollywood hopes that droves of us will go to watch the latest crop of big-budget flicks. Even if you don't go to the theatres very much, you probably watch a lot of movies at home, whether on television or YouTube.

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It s one thing when you re transferred to a new workplace and have to be re-taught skills, some of which you may already know. It s an entirely other kettle of monkeys when you are placed under the tutelage of someone whom you have massive seniority over at your current workplace.

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