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It all started with one of those "other" messages on Facebook. A man named, Benny, had found a High School Ring that belonged to someone who graduated from the high school that I had attended years ago. The ring was from the Class of 1979 and I had graduated in the Class of 1976.

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4 days ago

As part of the countdown to our adventure to the U.S that kicks off in only a few days time, I thought I'd share some simple travel tips. All of these are extremely simple: Dress For Airport Security. No, not because you're trying to impress the security guard doing his best impersonation of the Hulk. It's because you're…

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7 days ago
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The ‘smart people’ are investing in oil now

Like shoppers on Black Friday, Wall Street titans have a keen smell for deep discounts. At the moment, they're sniffing in oil fields. Many parts of the U.S. stock market look expensive these days, but prices have fallen dramatically in the energy sector from over $100 a barrel in the summer to under $50 now.…

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7 days ago