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Christie wants GOP to “control voting mechanism.”

Did you know that Chris Christie is pretty scary? What's making Wally really paranoid is that Christie is telling us something we really need to hear. As usual, neither Democrats, progressives nor liberals are paying attention. "While we're busy counting senate seats," Wally said, "the Republicans are trying to grab state governorships."

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This is one of those books I was able to read quickly while enjoying every minute. Titled Caught and written by Lisa Moore, it lives up to the standard that she has set for all her books. Lisa has won an astonishing number of awards for the three books she has published so far and deservedly so.

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こんにちは! That's hello in Japanese because I'm currently travelling Japan! Seeing that I was last here in May, it can definitely be seen how much I adore Japan.

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Your Next Presentation: The Art & Science of Effective Intros and Exits

What if you have to give a keynote speech or really any? Let’s pretend you are an expert on aviation safety or any other subject. Your brain is pretty much an encyclopedia of statistics on the subject, and you are delivering the keynote speech at the 2014 Symposium of World Transportation Authorities. You start with the perfunctory thank yous. Then what?

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Drones Becoming Increasingly Popular...And Useful - PubNub

For many, the term “drone” seems to conjure images of military use and war weaponry. As a result, the mere thought of these futuristic flying devices tend to pose security and privacy concerns to several people. When, however, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used for defense purposes and those that may one day may buzz around the skies are quite different, and in fact, may change the world — for the better. According to ex-Wired editor and 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson, the (AVR-powered) DIY drone community will soon have more than 15,000 drones flying, compared to some 7,000 drones in use worldwide by military forces.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at just some of the many ways these flying apparatuses are already revolutionizing the world around us.

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What the World Needs Now, Is Love Sweet Love

Have you noticed a lot of people across the world talk about God’s love and other moral things, but it often merely camouflages their real intentions. These talking heads are not peaceable, righteous people, but are deceivers seeking an opposing purpose. More than likely that purpose is self-serving. I myself have grown tired of the hypocrisy.

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