Now, I'm not nearly as busy as a beaver, but my days have been full. I was casually asked today if I'm enjoying my new career choice and my answer is yes. Like all new jobs, it has it's challenges and it's frustrations, but not without it's share of successes.

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2 days ago

The truth is, traders join a price rally too late and miss the exit just to see their profits evaporate and being left with nothing, but the clueless perplexity how they managed to lose money over a several thousand pip rally.

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Fear. | Emotionalist Diaries

What is it that prevents me from just letting go and writing freely on my blog? Why can't I just write what is on my head and in my heart? I know the answer to these questions but it is something so simple yet so big and it has a tremendous effect on me. Fear.…

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4 days ago
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Olive Kitteridge Is Wearing My Skirt

Warning: Seriously Depressed Seniors Here was what one viewer wrote as his opinion of the four part mini-series Olive Kitteridge. Hubby and I just finished it and our opinion was a far more positive one. Yes, there are several seriously depressed seniors in this show, but it is much more than that.

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The technology offered to merchants has evolved from simple online carts to full-blown CRM, email marketing, and search engine optimization. So whether you’re a

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Modern wheat production, as well as corn and soy, is using an increasing amount of a herbicide called Glyphosate(manufactured as Roundup). The use of this product has escalated over the last 15 years in step with Genetically Engineered crops. There are many concerns about Glyphosate and research is on going around the World especially concerning…

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