Your Attention

"We have these brief lives, and our only real choice is how we will fill them. Your attention is precious. Don't squander it. Don't throw it away. Don't let companies and products steal it from you. Don't let advertisers trick you into lusting after things you don't need. Don't let the media convince you to covet the lives of celebrities. Own your attention -- it's all you really have."
- Jonathan Harris

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2 minutes ago

It's often said of the characters in Anton Chekhov's plays that 'everyone talks,but no one listens.' The cast of feckless aristocrats inhabit a troubled world of melancholy, loss and ennui. They speak endlessly at each other of their dreams and disappointments, but they rarely pause to listen. Their relationships seem compromised by their own emotional deafness, their solipsism. They live lives of empty chat and listless languor, punctuated only by another trip to the samovar.

I wonder has the world of brand marketing something in common with Chekhov's? Could modern brands be accused of speaking without listening? Talking loud, but saying nothi

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10 minutes ago

My mum once told me that the most valuable items she owned where her photographs. I couldn't agree more.

A few months ago when I was back home visiting my parents, my mum pulled out boxes and boxes of old photographs of me and my brothers growing up. It was lovely to look back, reminisce, and laugh at all the fashion disasters.

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14 hours ago

The Seventh Birthday Wish by Bruce E. Arrington and Florence Jayne is a fantasy picture book for ages 4-8 about Wesley and his magical adventure on his birthday. In a faraway land lived Wesley, and when he turned four, a door without a handle appeared in his castle home. Wait he must until seven years…

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16 hours ago

It's been a minute since I've blogged, hasn't it? Although I'm not a member of the Club of the Chronically Busy--you know, those who spend vast portions of the miniscule amount of free time they want us to think they have, regaling us with incessant updates on their importantly spent time and concurrent unavailability because spontaneity and laziness frighten them so--I actually have been kind of busy.

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16 hours ago
Cash Only

New perspectives are so interesting. Especially when it comes to something regular. Today I was handing over a $20 bill to the cashier at my local Trader Joe's and suddenly I noticed my hand.

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16 hours ago