Thank You for Disliking Us / My adventures in America

After seven attempts and two hours holding to the line, I managed to cancel a service with one of the largest telephone companies, which -- for limitation on speech laws -- I should not name. Lets call it ABC .
Their last words, at the end of the call, were "Thank you for using ABC".Now, in my mailbox, I have fond a client satisfaction survey. Naturally, I am not going to fill in the servery -- it's just too long to say "I HATED IT."

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The Borders of our Lives

I watched Littley the other day, piecing his way along the narrow fences between the chequerboard of gardens that lie between my road and the next.

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Self-driving cars are right around the corner

Imagine if driving to work were one of the most peaceful moments of your day: get in and plug in to your favourite radio stations from around the world, send a few emails, pour another coffee, and completely ignore the road and the traffic around you.

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