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Distorted Reflections

A mental reflection is a creation of duality, a separation into uses and values. You can no more regard your soul than your physical eye can see itself.

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57 minutes ago

As I was leaving the theater, the woman in front of me said to her companion, "That was cute."

It wasn't.

It was true, if not in the details then in the message and the dingy bars and the breath of hope and inspiration floating just outside the reach of the music industry machine that's poised to suck in talent and artistic passion and spit out something indistinguishable.

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The teachings on emptiness help us understand something fundamental about the nature of life, that although we have principles, values, and visions about how the world should be, the world is not a fixable place.

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Mostly Harmless is a novel set in the Elite universe, written by Kate Russell. Although the author is an accomplished technology journalist and writer, this is her first novel but it's confidently written, packed with interesting characters, and really brings out the danger and paranoia of the Elite setting, while throwing in plenty of humour - as the title might suggest, there's a hint of Douglas Adams in the writing style. Also, as another reviewer pointed out there are three strong women in pivotal roles - is there a Bechdel test for novels?

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6 hours ago
The ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ of Bread & Butter: Razza Pizza Artiginale

Meet Dan Richer, the James Beard Rising Star chef semi-finalist and owner of Razza Pizza Artiginale in Jersey City, NJ. I remember his laugh the most. There's a quality, a character to it, as if he knows he's laughing at his own joke, poking fun at his own self-awareness. I find it charming, that Dan admits to being crazy. Crazy about ingredients. Crazy about sourcing. Crazy about everything that passes in and out of Razza's kitchen.

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'm not one to keep tabs on trends. Not in a nose in the air, I'm too good for you and your limited fashion knowledge way. Nor in a hipster, I liked Kings of Leon when they still had beards way.

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