Mostly Harmless is a novel set in the Elite universe, written by Kate Russell. Although the author is an accomplished technology journalist and writer, this is her first novel but it's confidently written, packed with interesting characters, and really brings out the danger and paranoia of the Elite setting, while throwing in plenty of humour - as the title might suggest, there's a hint of Douglas Adams in the writing style. Also, as another reviewer pointed out there are three strong women in pivotal roles - is there a Bechdel test for novels?

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The ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ of Bread & Butter: Razza Pizza Artiginale

Meet Dan Richer, the James Beard Rising Star chef semi-finalist and owner of Razza Pizza Artiginale in Jersey City, NJ. I remember his laugh the most. There's a quality, a character to it, as if he knows he's laughing at his own joke, poking fun at his own self-awareness. I find it charming, that Dan admits to being crazy. Crazy about ingredients. Crazy about sourcing. Crazy about everything that passes in and out of Razza's kitchen.

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'm not one to keep tabs on trends. Not in a nose in the air, I'm too good for you and your limited fashion knowledge way. Nor in a hipster, I liked Kings of Leon when they still had beards way.

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Some stories are true and perhaps it is the only ones we are destined to tell. It does not call for smart words or accurate grammar. It only needs to be understood from the heart. This is not about me telling but about you listening, so listen up.

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The evening has been nothing less than perfect. Dinner at your favourite restaurant, where the chef creates impeccable constructs of culinary art, where the gracious staff are there to attend to your every need, where the wine pairs perfectly with each delicious morsel.

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Narrow Mindedness

I contend that most of us are narrow minded.

As I wrote the previous sentence I had a vision of the fingers of the majority of the few people who come here immediately pouncing on their keyboards to pound out an exceptionally fervent agreement or disagreement with that statement. Or maybe they’ll get defensive and pen a personal repudiation.

Prove me wrong. Please wait until you finish reading this post before spouting your response.

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