... one of the original “surf writers”.

I was forced to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in school, and though I grasped the moral gist and imaginative elements of the stories, I was left with a decidedly ho-hum feeling about the author.

After hearing many claim him as America’s greatest writer and humorist, I thought about giving Twain another chance. Around that same time a surf publication mentioned that Twain was one of the first reputable writers to witness surfing in its native Polynesian state, and had written about it in his 1872 travelogue called Roughing It.

I was so impressed by Roughing It that I had half a mind to contact the National Education Association and demand they put it on a mandatory national syllabus. Forget Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer—this was the book that every American kid needed to read.

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Blogger fired for using the word ‘HOMOPHONIA’

You've heard of homophobia. What about homophonia? If you're in social media or a blogger, knowing the meaning, may be the key to keeping your job.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports a social-media blogger was fired after writing a blog post about homophones—a term referring to words that sound the same but are spelled differently, like there and their. His ex-boss teaches English as a second language and apparently thought the topic sounded a little too controversial.

"People at this level of English may see the 'homo' side and think it has something to do with gay sex," the boss at the Nomen Global Language Center told the paper. The school refutes the claim and says he was fired because his blog posts were "off on tangents."

Though perhaps the school is onto something since Urban Dictionary defines the term as" "A sociological affliction. The fear of dialing that phone number found on the bathroom wall due to the fact the person who both wrote the message, and will now be answering the phone, is gay."

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...I sleep with my dog.

It didn't start out that way.

When I first brought Ollie home, I was adamant that he would sleep in his own bed in the living room. And he did. For about six months.

Then he discovered the glory of napping with pillows and blankets and people and began crying every night, just begging to burrow under the covers.

I caved and now cuddling up every night is part of my bedtime routine. Although he can be a bed hog.

Do you sleep with your dog(s), cat(s), or any other pets?

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With the TV series The Last Ship moving full speed ahead some may be surprised to discover, that the original novel of the same name had nothing to do with a global pandemic. It touched a different nerve fitting for the times.

The Last Ship tells the story about the captain of the fictional USS Nathan James (DDG-80) after a brief but deadly nuclear exchange between the United States and what was then the Soviet Union. The outcome was even bleaker than the TV series premise, which has infected as much as 80 percent of the human population.

In the novel, it is a fair speculation to assume less than one percent survive.

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It's the middle of July, the year is not over, so it's a great time to reflect about the year, and the changes in our lives. Or, perhaps the right time to ask ourselves whether or not we have made any changes to make our lives better this year?

If you have a few minutes now, take the time to think about these possibly life changing questions.

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What do you want for the summer?

How about a sweet, figure-friendly summer fruit doused in figure-unfriendly tequila?

And we all know that fruit and tequila go together perfectly.

One of my favorite throw-together summer side salads is watermelon, red onion, feta, jalapeno, and a big handful of cilantro, sprinkled with just

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Recalling childhood summer memories. Summertime was a BIG deal because it was 2 months off from Catholic school; no homework; and no ruler carrying nuns, waiting to smack the knuckles if our #2 pencil was not sharpened "properly."

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F1 2014 announced coming October 17th 2014 the latest release of Codemasters Popular F1 series.

The game is expected to reflect the changes to the sport in 2014 as well as receiving graphical tweaks over the 2013 game.

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Tucked inside a gift shop on a modest stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South, a new way for visitors to get cash went live today: the Strip's first Bitcoin ATM.

As with a regular ATM, people who use this Bitcoin version can deposit funds into online accounts or withdraw cash. But instead of using a debit card to access a bank account, customers can convert their cash to Bitcoins or vice versa by inputting their phone number and PIN number and verifying their identity via a palm-print scanner.

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Chocolate is one hell of a complicated ingredient to back with. Containing ver 600 volatile compounds contributing to its aroma and flavor, makes its complex and tasty.

If you want to bake with chocolate, it helps to know some basic fundamentals.

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As a student of Logic in my younger years, the first two examples of absolutely positive and negative statements I stumbled upon were,

(1) Man is mortal.
(2) No man is perfect.

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If you're just starting out on the dating scene then you're in luck for some great advice. If you've been around the block and have had your fair share of relationships, then this might come in handy if you're still looking for the one. There's so many fish in the giant fish bowl of the world, but many of them will save you hardship and heartache if you avoid them right off the bat.

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If you're like me, you love films. Movies have the power to effect our entire mood. They make us want to change ourselves and even change the world. There are films that make you cry (when you need a good cry), films that help you vent your frustrations and films that enliven you.

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VIB Family
A Family Exchange

My son came home from school one October afternoon and sat down at the kitchen table to have a snack "Mom, remember I told you that I have a friend at school who is an exchange student from Ecuador?" "Yes." "Well, the host family she is living with is not treating her right.

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VIB Opinionated
Republicans Must Learn: What Goes Around Comes Around

Wally has seen his share of elections and with each cycle they seem to get worse. And now that we have a black president, things have really gone over the top. And instead of working together towards common goals, a few politicians have turned things into "us vs. them" and boiling everything down to simple black and white. Only problem is, according to Wally, "that old fashioned politics don't work no more."

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Gratitude is so over talked about, for many it has lost its meaning--and it's ability to rock our lives.

Now understand--I'm not talking about some guilt-ridden credo of your mom's-- "Remember to say thank you to Grandma for your birthday gift."

True gratitude is a deeply felt love and appreciation for something or someone in your life. And it can...


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