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This is a blog dedicated to the revitalization of the city of Newburgh, and to peek the interest of others to come discover city living in this historic town outside Manhattan

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Newburgh Restoration

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  • Kite Flying at Washington's HQ

    Soaring, swirling, kites of all kinds will bob and weave as they dance in the wind at Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site during Kites Over the Hudson, on Saturday, September 20th, 2 PM to 4 PM. Free kites will be given to the first 150 chi read more

    Updated: September 18th, 2014 at 03:23 am  |  Posted: September 17th, 2014 at 03:38 pm
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  • New Pop-Up Shop Coming to 75 Broadway

    Just as soon as 75 Broadway was available for rent, a new pop-up shop has moved in. They are looking to collaborate with other vendors to offer a variety of items. If interested contact, Eric Jarmann The official request says read more

    Updated: September 16th, 2014 at 09:15 pm  |  Posted: September 16th, 2014 at 11:30 am
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  • Picture of the Week

    "Park Pavilion Downing Park, Newburgh, NY" NR flickr user John Leighton. Add your own photos depicting city life to the Newburgh Restoration flickr pool to be used on the blog, or email me. **Flickr users please do not forgot to remove disabling of d read more

    Updated: September 15th, 2014 at 10:14 pm  |  Posted: September 15th, 2014 at 03:45 pm
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  • 2 Alices Coffee Lounge Coming to Newburgh!

    Some big news for lower Broadway! After a long search for the right business 2 Alices Coffee Lounge is coming to Newburgh in the last available ground floor space of Safe Harbors of the Hudson, 117 Broadway. Partners, Mikey Jackson and Aurelia Winbor read more

    Updated: September 15th, 2014 at 10:14 pm  |  Posted: September 15th, 2014 at 11:30 am
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  • Real Estate: 242 1st St $150,000

    This property is just a block away from St. Luke's Hospital. There are no interior photos but this is a nice example of the architecture that abounds in Newburgh. Keep in mind this is a rough block that suffers a lot of blight and vacant homes. The l read more

    Updated: September 13th, 2014 at 08:37 am  |  Posted: September 12th, 2014 at 03:30 pm
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  • Weekly Link Round Up

    The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo, "Just another day in the City of Newburgh, NY" by NR flickr pool user New York read more

    Updated: September 12th, 2014 at 06:48 pm  |  Posted: September 12th, 2014 at 01:30 pm
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  • Real Estate: Cluster of 11 Buildings $1,750,000

    Here's an attention grabber. This listing is selling a cluster of 11 buildings for $1.7 million, which equals out to about $159,000 per property. The majority of these properties are located on Benkard, just one or two blocks west of Liberty Street. read more

    Updated: September 12th, 2014 at 06:48 pm  |  Posted: September 12th, 2014 at 11:30 am
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  • FREE Flower Bulbs for Newburgh

    This press release was just received and it's too good not to share. You must be part of a garden organization. Get your free bulbs to make Newburgh beautiful! Greetings, We at Hudson Valley Garden Association love spring bulbs for being a low mainte read more

    Updated: September 12th, 2014 at 06:31 am  |  Posted: September 11th, 2014 at 08:00 pm
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  • Progress at Atlas Art Gallery

    Things are getting brighter inside Atlas Industries new art gallery. We are so excited to see on their Instagram account that the blocks have been removed and new windows are being installed. It's a step in the right direction to get this gallery ope read more

    Updated: September 11th, 2014 at 11:35 pm  |  Posted: September 11th, 2014 at 05:52 pm
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  • Newburgh Food Journal

    Local Newburgh photographer, Ann Stratton has started a food blog called Newburgh Food Journal. One of the different things about her food journal is that she is translating posts in Spanish to reach the 47% Latino population that calls Newburgh home read more

    Updated: September 11th, 2014 at 04:55 pm  |  Posted: September 11th, 2014 at 11:30 am
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