Ecommerce… Without the Hassle

Ecommerce monetization options today leave a lot to be desired for content creators. Try the solution made especially for bloggers, content creators and affiliate marketers.


Traditional Affiliate Programs

  • building your own ecommerce shop takes time, money and integration skills
  • driving customers to third-party platforms to buy means you lose that traffic
  • affiliate commissions are notoriously hard to track once they leave your site

BlogCatalog (ecommerce in minutes)

  • create ecommerce opportunities in minutes, with the tools you're already using to build your site content
  • integrate ecommerce in your existing style and voice, for a seamless experience
  • capture your readers' interest with products that are relevant to what they're reading
  • they buy directly from your trusted site; you keep your traffic and see immediate results

How It Works

Finally, a simple solution for the millions of bloggers and content creators who want to sell products directly on their site.

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    Create your account to access the BlogCatalog tools

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    Choose products that will resonate with your readers

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    Embed one piece of code to create the inline shopping cart

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    Write a product description in your own voice using your own content creation tools

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    Reader clicks "buy now" and purchases without ever leaving your site

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    View results in dashboard, then choose more products to add

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    The BlogCatalog customer care team is available 24/7 follow-up service and returns

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    Product dropships directly to your customer; you collect commission after transaction is complete

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    Order is processed and sourced

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    Handoff to customer care team

Check out this article and click the "BUY NOW" button to see how it works.

Easy To Use Reporting Tools

It's your customer; see what they ordered and how much you earned

  • Easily see who ordered what
  • Track your commissions and payments

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