There is flexibility towards the work with Microsoft Outlook. If you are an Outlook user, you have the ability to work online or offline. Therefore, you can frequently work offline to avoid connection charges or stop Outlook from attempting to send or receive mails over a poor network connection. To receive any new mails or send the emails that you have prepared for, it is required to switch from Microsoft Outlook Working Offline to online. In this blog, you will learn the right ways to get your Outlook in online mode more efficiently.

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How To Get Notify For Working Microsoft Outlook Offline?

There are some visual clues, visible in the status bar at the bottom of your Outlook window by which you know about whether you are working offline or online. If either of the following given status indicators are displayed, it means Outlook is not connected to the mail server.

· Working Offline along with the (X) sign

· Disconnected along with (!) sign

Until and unless you reconnect, you won’t be able to send or receive email. Therefore, let’s identify the exact procedure of switching your Outlook from offline to online.

Steps To Convert From Microsoft Outlook Working Offline To Online

Here are the desirable guidelines to bring Outlook Online from Offline. Hence, let’s go through the given instructions one-by-one:

· First and foremost, launch Outlook in Windows system

· Now, ensure that Outlook is currently offline

· Then, click on “Send/Resend” tab which is written in the blue-banner at the top of the Outlook window

· Then, give assurance that the “Work Offline” button is active

· From the extreme right corner of the toolbar, tap “Work Offline” button once

· If the button wasn't active, try clicking it twice—once for making the "Work Offline" mode and once to disable it—before proceeding

· Now, wait for the “Working Offline” message to disappear

· Once this tag disappears from the bottom right-side of the Outlook Window, it’s great! Outlook is Online now. You can freely work with your Outlook account

Contact Techies To Get Online From Microsoft Outlook Working Offline

The afore-mentioned instructions are for converting your Microsoft Outlook Working Offline to online. So, if you follow the above guide and encounter any issues, can freely contact to our tech-specialists. They are helpful and friendly in behaviour. Therefore, within a short span of time, your offline Outlook will become online and hence can direct send/receive any mails or message without any hindrance.