Online teaching has become one of the most popular forms of teaching in 2020. This is mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic that is going on in the entire world. The nationwide lockdown has given a push to online education ensuring no inconvenience is faced by the students and teachers. As the popularity of online education increased, more students started opting for an online learning platform to gain knowledge. 


Although, let’s see why online teaching has become a New Era for Educational Industry? An online approach offers numerous benefits to an individual which we will see further. 

However,  let’s first understand what is online teaching?

Online teaching makes the use of technology where teachers can teach students using various mediums like audio or video. It is crucial to have internet access and a device such as a laptop/desktop to conduct an online class. An Example of this could be to teach using skype, zoom, any teaching platform or simply streaming a recorded lecture. 

  1.  Flexible teaching and learning

Online education offers an excessive advantage to both teachers and students as it is flexible. Teachers can dedicate their time as per their choice and students can attend the classes whenever they want to. Children tend to learn better when they are given the flexibility to choose their own learning method and pace rather than forcing them to attend the classes daily at a particular time (similar to the traditional approach) On the other hand, teachers can enjoy working at home or any other place where they wish to. The time and place are solely decided by them. 

  1. Customized Educational Content

An online approach makes the work much feasible for teachers as they can tailor the educational content as per the need of their learners. They can create various forms of content that are suitable for the students which include e-books, presentations, images, videos, etc. Teachers can make use of online teaching software for making various useful educational content for their learners. There is no need to teach using the traditional method which includes bookish and limited knowledge.  

  1. Easy Access to technology 

We are surrounded by technology in our day-to-day life. With every other person finding their solution online, it becomes extremely easy for teachers to connect with their potential students. Every student is present on social media or online learning platform in the search of knowledge. This helps the teacher to connect with their student using any social medium or learning platforms. Technology is one such aspect that plays an important role in the whole online teaching approach. However, teachers should learn to embrace technology and make the most of it. 

  1. Learn New Skills using an Online teaching platform

With the rise in the digital age, it is important for teachers to keep up and adapt to the changes. Online teaching is such a teaching approach that has become a necessity for the current education system. Teachers get to learn many new technical skills by using an online teaching platform. As the demand for online teaching increases, teachers has to create much new content for their online classes (refer point 2)  In the future, only those online educators will be preferred who have hands-on technical skills and can teach as well as create educational content for their online classes. 

  1. Increased Class Participation

Class participation is not a problem when it comes to online teaching. With the use of various tools and face-to-face online classes, teachers can increase student participation.  A live online class encourages both teachers and students to communicate with each other in real-time. This is very convenient for them as they do not have to follow the traditional teaching and learning approach. Teachers can match their time zones with students from various parts of the world and can conduct a smooth online class. 

  1. More Financial Benefit

Online teaching is a great way for teachers who wish to earn good money. Teachers can earn on an hourly basis with the number of hours decided by them.  An online approach allows teachers to choose a teaching firm to teach or start their own teaching by using an online learning platform. Here the amount of money they earn can vary based on their experience, skills, hours, etc. This is a very attractive approach as compared to traditional teaching as teachers can earn any amount of money which is solely decided by them.


What is the Scope of online teaching for teachers? 

If you ask about the scope of online teaching then the answer is it’s a lot! With the world adopting online education as their main form of teaching, the demand for teachers is huge. According to an online report, the number of remote teaching jobs has increased 4 times on hiring platforms due to the rise in virtual teaching. Teachers can make the most of this opportunity by opting for virtual teaching. They can also choose from the best online teaching platform for free to get started with their online teaching career.

Also, as per many online studies, it is found that the number of students opting for virtual learning will rise in the next five years. 


as we can see the scope of online education is immense, this approach is becoming a new era in the education industry. By establishing a solid presence on the online teaching platform, both teachers and students can conduct an advanced and successful online class. With the rise in the digital era, online education has now become the new normal in the education industry.