Dieting is not easy, that is a common theory. This is for a multitude of reasons, including that healthy foods cost a lot more money than 'fast food'. However, if you do want to live a healthy life then you do need to ensure that you are exercising daily and eating properly. There is that famous saying: 'a moment on the lips means forever on the hips', and this has never been more true. You should also never wait to start your healthy diet, as the longer you leave it, the less motivated you are. Below are some tips for people wondering how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Plan your healthy food diet

Now, it is mainly food that contains a lot of calories. However, some drinks, especially fizzy drinks and milkshakes also should not be part of a healthy diet. That said, you can probably get away with a lot more fizzy drinks than you can sneak in a doughnut (or two) a day. Meal planning is one of the simplest steps you can take when you are looking to find healthy diet foods. With a plan in front of you, there is no temptation to snack or nip to the shop and grab the biggest packet of crisps (we've all been there). 

With a healthy diet, you may feel a lot better in yourself as well. When exercising, whether it be running, cycling or walking, this is also known to help you feel better mentally. Not feeling bloated after you've eaten a meal can make a huge difference in how you are feeling. If you have a bloated stomach, then you can lose motivation. Bloating is often caused by food intolerances which means your body simply doesn't like what you are eating anymore. However, if you have a meal plan, you can avoid eating the same thing over and over again, thus minimising the risk of developing food intolerance. 

Do Plenty Of Exercises

You really do need to do plenty of exercise in order to ensure that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is not so much the burning calories that are important, although this is a bonus, it is the mental aspect of exercise which helps create your healthy lifestyle. By making sure you exercise you can stay fit and burn off fat. It keeps your muscles working properly also. This can give you a huge mental lift when you wake up each day. If you feel good, you are more likely to eat well

What's more, you don't have to be out in the cold in the winter months. You can do exercise from the comfort of your own home. During the lockdown, many people were wondering how they could maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst being stuck inside. With limited sports available around the world, exercise didn't seem as accessible. However, there are a huge number of ways that you can exercise in your own home which help you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Many sports psychologists refer to any sport being a mental game, as it is all about being in the right mindset. 

Even when the world returns to normal, you can still exercise. You will need to use all your own willpower and strength to get yourself to the gym every morning. You can opt to run around the local estate. 15 minutes a day of exercise is what is required to keep you mentally and physically healthy. On the other hand, adults are also advised to do 150 minutes a week of moderate activity, but this can include walking the dog or a HIIT session in your living room. 

Resist slipping into bad habits

It is easier said than done, but one of the best well-known tricks around to resist slipping into bad habits is throwing food out of the cupboards. Give it away to someone who needs it, do not just dump it in the trash and waste food. It is important though that you are able to resist snacking. You need to get rid of any naughty treats like doughnuts or candy bars and give them to someone who is not dieting. A meal plan should definitely help this, but it is so important that the temptation is not there. 

If you exercise and eat the right meals, then this is good. Unfortunately, it does mean you may have to hide the alcohol. If you are a smoker it is also advised that you do not smoke. That way, you can work on your plan when thinking about how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle? You can run 10km a day, but if you have 3 beers at the end of the day then your hard work is ruined. Alcohol can also cause hangovers and genuinely can cause you to feel a bit down and rubbish. You don't need that negative energy when on your health kick. 

Drink Water on a Healthy Diet

Above all, even if you are not exercising properly or on a diet, drinking water is a massive part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's not always easy to remember so you may need to set yourself reminders. This is just until you get into the swing of things. If you are exercising daily and eating properly, consuming water should come naturally to you. Water has little to no calories and helps flush the toxins out of your body. 

Simply put: How can you maintain a healthy lifestyle? Drink plenty of water!


You do need to remember though, eating well can be difficult. It is easy to think you can just do it. That is the aim of the game, but it's not always the result. Just because one food is good for someone, it does not mean it is good for someone else. Think of caffeine and caffeine withdrawal. If you drink too much caffeine then you can find yourself lying awake at night not being able to sleep. A caffeine intolerance can cause a lot of harm so it is important to consider this when trying your diet. If you eat foods with too much sugar, eventually your body will reject it. 

Embrace a healthy diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, try these steps if you are wondering how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle?