The Artwork of Well-Timed Journey

bloggerman / 28 Apr, 17 /

I would never class myself as a veteran foreign traveller (... pickled perhaps?) But I Have definitely dropped over time beneath the bout of wanderlust, and found myself on several airplanes, boats and trains. A few of these excursions were alleged sunshine vacations continuing a week or 2 but over the last ten years or so my journey is now short-blast city visits. I make an effort to meet all my 'must-dos' in to a stupidly little bit of time, like squeezing a size 9 foot into a size 8 brogue, while sporting overly-thick socks - it is possible potential but needs preparation, continuity and possibly a bit of discomfort! !

Over time I Have perfected this shock and awe (... and sometimes, 'Aw!') strategy of travelling to some point where I've invented a couple of golden rules that satisfy my manner, budget and my beer-foods-traveling needs when I feel the tug of journey. !

What I Have discovered may be divided in to one primary point...


Time Is The Enemy!

How can we fight it? Well here are several quick tips:

Those will be the principal time-established pointers I will think of, but here are added items to re-member:

There you-go, these are the key ones however you'll find others who I have likely forgotten...

And do not do anything dumb like drink too significantly, particularly without a wing-man, or drop your bearings at evening. Be risk-free and comparatively reasonable ... and above all, relish your journey!



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