Hi guys!
Today is a special day for my blog: we just hit 10,000 visitors! Ten thousand clicks on my blog posts. That's a lot of people! I know I haven't always been the most active and consistent blogger, but seeing such a number in my blog statistics makes me immensely happy.

At first I was planning on doing something special to celebrate this tiny milestone of mine, but a few failed attempts and many abandoned ideas later I came to the solution of keeping this post brief. I tried to film a little video of myself saying thank you for all of you guys in person, but no one, I mean no one has ever bothered to tell me how hideous I sound on film. In other words, you just missed your chance to witness a real documentation of my Finnish-British-Canadian-French English accent blabbering away.

So no videos this time. Instead, I wanted to take this occasion to make a few exciting announcements. As a huge SEO and blog traffic nerd I'm highly aware of the main sources of traffic on my blog, and on the top sits who else but FACEBOOK. Realizing this, I gathered all of my courage and created a Facebook page for Terra Incognita. Shoosh! Go and like it HERE!

I'm still working on it, but in the future I'd really like it if I could stop flooding my personal facebook profile with my blog updates. I would like this page created specially for my blog to be the main platform to advertise new posts to my audience. A girl can dream, right?

Speaking of traffic: I've had a chance to do some amazing collaboration with multiple expat community websites during my time as a blogger. These websites have been a huge source of traffic to my humble little blog project here, which is why I'm now ruthlessly taking this space to thank EXPAT.COM for featuring me on their website on multiple occasions.

The support of others is of top-tier importance for any immigrant, which is why communities like these can turn out to be incredibly helpful when you're sad and alone in a new country, feeling helpless, sitting in your new apartment and eating pot noodles for a week straight since you were too scared to buy anything else from the grocery store.

The community on Expat.com Canada was fairly active, but the folk on the Ireland community still seem to be lost in the winds of the Emerald Isle. So all my fellow expats in Ireland, go and make friends there! Forum discussions, job boards and blog directories are waiting to be discovered. I regularly get messages from people asking for advice on things like immigration processes, housing and job search in Canada and Ireland, and I find it incredibly exciting to be able to help others battling with those same piles of forms and documents as I have in the past.

I actually have much bigger and more exciting news to share with you in the near future, but let's keep a bit of mystery for a little while longer. In the meantime I promise to have a more consistent and regular posting schedule - I have a million drafts in Work In Progress state at this very moment! Stay tuned for city guides for Toronto and Ottawa, my ultimate guide for a successful Long Distance Relationship and a lovely tour around my ancient, world-renown university, Trinity College Dublin....

What kind of posts would you like to read in the future? Suggestions, ideas, feedback warmly welcome! Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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