Losing weight is not only a challenging task but it also demands several changes in daily lifestyle. Rich and low calories diet plays an important role to reduce or gain weight usually. There are 10 easiest ways to cut calories from your diet:

1. Tap your feet several times in a day. It is an easiest way to burn up to 350 calories per day.

2. Eat less nuts, which are rich in calories. A handful of nuts has 175 calories.

3. Stop to eat in front of TV. It is normal observation that people eat much in front of TV as compare to without watching it.

4. Limit the toppings of salad and dressings.

5. Eat smaller plates of foods. It is an easier way to eat less.

6. Serve yourself by going in kitchen for eating. It cuts hundreds of calories automatically.

Decrease the amount of pasta, because one cup pasta has 220 calories.

Do regular exercise in the morning. exercise during AM timing is very useful to lose fat as compare to other timings.

9. Drink sugar free juices and tea. Sugar free beverages can save you up to 400 calories, which is a good sign to cut calories.

10. Limiting the number of guests at dinner time can save you up to 500 calories. There should not more than 7 people on the dining table.

Above mentioned simple tips and techniques are the easiest ways to lose weight by cutting calories from diet. They are necessary to enjoy healthy and fitness.