12 random name generators every writer should know about rockanddrool.com

I love writing. Everything about it. Except sometimes I have the hardest time coming up with fictional names for people, places and things. That’s when I enlist the help of those trusted random name generators to come up with names for me. I keep them in my writer’s toolbox! Random name generators for fiction writers have saved me when I’ve been stuck on way too many occasions.

So, to help my fellow fiction writer friends, I’ve compiled the top 12 name generators that I use regularly. I hope you find them as useful as I do. And, if you know about others, feel free to link them in the comments because I’m always looking for more!


Random Name Generators For Your Writer’s Toolbox

My new favorite is called Fantasy Name Generators. It doesn’t matter if you write paranormal, historical or current fiction, this generator site is for you. With generators for names, places, objects…it’s perfect for when you’re stuck or you suck at coming up with your own names for things.

Another helpful generator is Place Name Generator. I usually combine words to create a fictional place. These are strictly fictional names but most of them sound real, no nonsense words at all.

I’ve been using Seventh Sanctum for a long time. It’s another great generator for all things fantasy and paranormal.

If you’re only looking for character names, Behind the Name covers that. It generates random names and also gives you the history of that name.

The Character Name Generator not only comes up with a name, it also gives you that characters background. It’s also great to use if your stuck and looking for some sort of prompt.

This is like the White Pages of random names. Fake Name Generator not only comes up with a name but an occupation, phone number, physical appearance and more.

DonJon is a random generator for world building and everything within that world. It’s made for RPG’s but, as we know, those types of generators are perfect to use as writing tools, as well.

Random Name Generator is a simple tool that generates character names for both male and female plus surnames.

Whether you need a fictional business name, band name, drug name or beyond, Wordlab has a very extensive collection of generators.

Are you in need of help creating your fictional language? Fake Word Generator may be just what you need!

Also, check out Springhole for random fantasy and science fiction words and names.

Lastly, here is a site that has created a very large list of generators so be sure to inspect Writing While the Rice Boils.