What is the good life? This is one question you can ask one million people and expect to hear one million different answers. Even though we’ll have different answers to this question, there are common themes between us all.


For me, I thought the good life was getting more influence, money, and skill. But after I got everything I wanted, I still felt like something was missing.

It took time and gut-wrenching conversations with family and friends to help me figure this out. I had to make some big changes to help me reboot and get back on the right track.

It’s never too late for you to make changes and pursue what matters most. But before you make any changes, it’s important to think through what living the good life really is.

This week on The Portfolio Life, Jonathan Fields and I talk about how to live a good life. Jonathan shares a simple, yet profoundly helpful, model that will enable you to reclaim your life and pursue a life well lived.

If you need help discovering what the good life means and what you need to do to live it, then I encourage you to listen in. Jonathan is one of the best when it comes to understanding what it takes to live a good life.

Listen to the podcast

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Show highlights

In this episode, Jonathan and I discuss:

  • How to navigate career transitions
  • The importance of creating art in such a way people will pay you for it
  • The difference between makers and helpers, and why this matters to you
  • Bouncing back from setbacks
  • The major themes you need to know about living the good life
  • Why you cannot neglect the little moments of life in pursuit of the big moments
  • Jonathan’s “Good Life Buckets” system
  • Evaluating your life and making changes

Quotes and takeaways

  • “I love the blank canvas and blank white page. That’s my playground.” —@jonathanfields
  • To get paid for your work, identify how your skills can meet needs of others.
  • Your ability to do meaningful work and build relationships will be capped by how well you take care of yourself.


What does living the good life mean to you? Share in the comments.