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Earning attention is hard. Everyone is bombarded with messages through phones, computers, billboards, and more. But regardless of the voices already speaking, there’s still one missing: yours.

125: Become a Full-Time Writer with This Proven 4-Step Process

You have a story to tell. You have a message to share with others. All you need is an audience who will listen.

Now, the challenge you face in building an audience is the same one all of us face: obscurity.

You see, apart from our family and friends, we don’t start with a group of people interested in what we have to say. The idea that writers or creatives can just create something and people will magically find their work has never been true.

I share this with you not to crush your dreams, but to wave smelling salts under your nose. This is the challenge you will face. The good news is there is practical help available in overcoming it.

This week on The Portfolio Life, Andy Traub and I talk about why it’s not too late for you to succeed as a writer. We share the proven steps you can take to help you build an audience for your work, recent case studies, and a free eBook and video series to help you along the way.

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s too late for you to overcome obscurity, then I encourage you to listen in and learn the steps you need to take to fulfill your dreams of becoming a writer people will pay attention to.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Andy and I discuss:

  • Why so many people believe it’s too late for them to succeed in writing
  • Discovering your voice and sharing your message
  • Recent stories of people who have succeeded as writers
  • Learning the principles of success, and adapting your tactics
  • Why you have to build an audience
  • Developing a way for people to get in touch with you
  • Why it’s not too late for you to succeed

Quotes and takeaways

  • It’s noisy today, but there’s still one voice missing: yours.
  • Once we’ve seen someone else succeed, then we know it’s possible for us, too.


What’s the first step you need to take in succeeding as a writer? Share in the comments.