Everybody wants to have great skin, but not everyone knows how to get it. Today the skin care industry is worth about 121 Billion dollars (yes that's billion with a "B") according to statista.com. That number alone shows that people are interested in skin health. Many of s go about our every day lives without realizing that regular tasks that we do could be affecting our chance at glowing skin. from too much sun to using the wrong skin care products here are 10 great tips for glowing skin.


According to times of india.com exercise is great for skin health. the reason for this is twofold. First it helps to circulate blood through your body. This allows more oxygen to your skin and makes it look more alive. It also helps to flush toxins from your body that are bad for skin health. Remember sweat is good, so exercise regularly  for better skin health.


Water is extremely important to healthy skin. Drink the recommended 8 glasses to avoid looking like a prune at the end of the day. A great source of hydration for glowing skin is coconut water. According to thegreentribe.com, coconut water has anti-aging properties. It also has acne fighting, cleansing and even dandruff fighting properties. Wow if I were you i would start drinking some coconut water today.

Avoid harsh skin care products

There are many skin care products on the market today. the problem is that some of them are crap. also they may damage your skin. the mayoclinic states that some of these soaps remove oil from your skin. Oil is a major component if you want to have glowing skin. you should also avoid taking long showers (I'm guilty of this). Long showers wash away the precious moisture from your skin.

Avoid dairy products

The never ending battle with milk continues. Women's health magazine states that even organic dairy products can stimulate your oil glands and pores and lead to acne. Try other milk alternatives as well and cut dairy from your diet if you desire glowing skin.

Use sun protection for glowing skin

Nothing ages your skin quite like the sun. The sun removes moisture from your skin. And although it is good to get some vitamin D. Dont overdose on solar rays. long term exposure will lead to sun burns and sometimes skin cancer. If your job involves sun exposure, wear protective clothing where necessary.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is just bad all around. People who smoke are not only at risk for lung cancer. Smoking also narrows the blood vessels to the skin, according to the mayo clinic. Narrower blood vessels means less blood, less blood means less oxygen to your skin. If you want to improve your skin health and your over-all health stop smoking!

Avoid too much sugar

Damn of all the good stuff it had to be sugar. Well believe it or not sugar is actually a toxin. Prevention.com also states that the breakdown of sugars damages the collagen that keeps skin smooth.

Say no to cheap razors

This one especially applies if you are a guy. Avoid cheap razors. According to the huffingtonpost thay cause one hell of a skin irritation. This is particularly true if you have sensitive skin. You are more likely to cut yourself using a cheap razor. Invest in a qualty razor and make life simpler for you skin. Readers digest also states that you should shave along with the direction of hair growth contrary to popular belief. This method avoids skin irritation and prevents damage to your hair.

Cleanser for glowing skin

A gentle cleanser is always best for skin cleansing. Especially a face wash. Always avoid using harsh soaps on the face or body. Try the dermatologist tested brands. Make sure you are using verified skin care products on your skin, and it's not secretly made from some acid found in Timbuktu.

Always read skin care product labels

These days people could be shoving pig fat in a bottle and say that it is good for skin care. Be vigilant. If you know you have a skin allergy, check product labeling. Some products may contain ingredients that are harsh on your skin. the american academy of dermatology says that the products you use on your skin should depend on your skin type. use mild products for sensitive skin and avoid products that leave your skin irritated and dry.

Get adequate sleep for glowing skin

Next to the sun nothing makes you look like and old person that lack of sleep. Are you constantly having hangovers? staying up late every night? Lack of sleep lowers blood circulation. As we discussed before blood circulation is essential to healthy skin. when we get the right amount of sleep we feel rested and our skin looks more lifelike instead of zombie-like. sleep for glowing skin is important. according to webMD.com sleeping 5 hours versus sleeping 7 causes twice the amount of wrinkles to show up on your face. Get some sleep people there is a reason it's called beauty rest. 


Glowing skin loves exfoliation. What exfoliation does is to remove the dead skin from you body so that younger fresher skin is exposed. this gives you a more youthful look. Also although we can't really put our finger on it. Pores appear larger when they are filled with dirt and oil. Exfoliation clears away the debris leaving cleaner smoother skin. This method may also be good for acne treatment according to verywell.com

Moisturize frequently

Moisture is constantly escaping from out skin. So the best option is to moisturize. moisturizing helps you to cultivate glowing skin. Our bodies are made up of about 70% water. This is one of the reasons we look like dried up prunes when we spend too much time in the sun. The sun saps the moisture from our skin so we must always find a way of getting back that moisture. When we moisturize it rejuvenates the skin.

These great tips will amp up your skin care game if you apply them. you don't have to apply all but use the ones that most apply to you. And if you've already got stellar skin then more power to you my friend. So leave your comments below, let me know what you think. Do you have anymore tips for glowing skin? please let me know I'm curious. Anyway stay healthy and happy peace.