14 Historical Fiction Books About Anne Boleyn 

Anne Boleyn by trickd

Anne Boleyn’s tragic death and dramatic life — including her marriages, sibling relationships, alleged crimes, and subsequent martyrdom — have cemented her place as a notorious historical figure. From biographies to movie adaptations, Boleyn’s life still fascinates us to this day. If you’re someone who loves to read about this controversial queen, check out the novels HERE, complete with publishers’ descriptions.

To which I will add these older editions:

  •  The Lady In The Tower - Jean Plaidy
  • Anne of a Thousand Days - Edward Fenton
  • The Tudors: King takes Queen - Michael Hirst & Elizabeth Massie
  • Anne Boleyn: A Tragedy - George Henry Boker
  • The Star of the Court - S. Bunbury
  • Anne Boleyn: A Dramatic Poem - Rev. H.H. Milman
  • Anne Boleyn: A Tragedy - Francis A.H. Terrell
  • A lady Raised High: A Novel of Anne Boleyn - Laurien Gardner
  • Anne Boleyn: A Tragedy In Six Acts - M.L. Tyler
  • Had The Queen Lived: An Alternate History of Anne Boleyn - Raven A. Nuckols
  • Anne Boleyn's Ghost - Liam Archer
  • In Bed With Anne Boleyn: A Novel - Lacey Baldwin Smith
  • My Story -Anne Boleyn & Me: A Tudor Girl's Diary 1525 - 1536 - Alison Prince
  • The Curse of Anne Boleyn: A Novel - C.C. Humphreys
  • The Boleyn Inheritance - Alison Weir
  • To Die For: A Novel of Anney Boleyn - Sandra Byrd
  • In the Shadows of Lions: A Novel of Anne Boleyn - Ginger Garrett
  • The Boleyn Wife - Brandy Purdy
  • I Diced With God - The Life of Henry VIII as seen by His Majesty - Dorthy Davies
  • The French Executioner - The Story of Jean Rombaud & Anne Boleyn - C.C. Humphreys