Inside: Selection of delicious and easy finger food recipes for kids. They are great to be used as snacks, lunch box fillers or at kids parties. All the recipes are quick to prepare, can be made ahead of time and stored until you need them.  Kids will love these recipes.

Easy Finger Food RecipesThe school year starts and there is one dreaded thing that comes with it.  Packing the lunch box’s!

As if parenting wasn’t hard enough, you have to come up with new, exciting and edible ideas to put in the kids lunch box’s each and every day.

Just the thought of it can be overwhelming, let alone actually undertaking the task.

Of course you could just pack sandwiches every day, but we want our kids to enjoy their lunches and a bit of variety never hurt anyone.

But with variety comes stress of knowing what to pack.

Does it sound all too familiar to you?

Besides, it would be great to see an empty lunch box at the end of the day because the kids have actually eaten it, rather than the contents having found it’s way into the nearby bin!

All of these fast and easy finger food recipes can be made ahead of time, which means packing your lunch box’s for the week has just become a whole lot easier!

Are you ready to get started and check out the recipes?

Easy Finger Food Recipes To Make Ahead Of Time

In my experience, kids love cheese.

When I made these easy cheese puffs for my daughter and her friends they were a huge hit.  Fantastic eaten hot or cold, a big batch can be whipped up in no time at all.


For something a little bit fancy looking, try these Bacon mini quiche’s.

They look far fancier than a sandwich, but are super easy to make. Place a few of these in a lunch box and the kids will be singing your praises all day.


What kids do you know that don’t like pizza?  These mini mushroom pizza’s are perfect for adding as a lunch box treat.


Some kids will only eat vegetables if they don’t actually know they are eating vegetables.  It’s not uncommon and I know I am not the only mom who experiences this.

Enter these baked cheesy cauliflower bites.  Whilst we don’t want to ‘trick’ our kids, sometimes it is necessary wouldn’t you agree?

The fact that these bites are full of cheesy goodness, the kids won’t even think that they are packed with cauliflower too.


For the kids that like something a bit more substantial in their lunch box’s, these homemade veggie pizza pockets are the perfect solution.

The ingredients can also be varied, which makes these the perfect choice.  There wont be any hungry kids returning home after consuming these.


If your planning a party and need some easy finger food recipes for a crowd, then these fun BBQ turkey in corn muffin bowls by Kudos Kitchen will have to be on your hit list.

Not only are they easy to make, but they look amazing and taste delicious.  Leftovers can make the lunchbox (if there are any!).


I could totally see the kids tucking into these mini pretzel rolls with bacon and cheese by Snappy Gourmet. With only a few ingredients required to make them, they are a fantastic lunch box filler.


These bacon cheese straws by Miss Mamo’s World are seriously the perfect lunch box filler.  Bacon, cheese and kids.  It’s a match made in heaven!


Another great way to sneak those vegetables into the kids lunch box’s are with these delicious Courgette fritters by Recipe This.

Make up a batch for dinner, and add the left over’s in the lunch box.  Easy done!


Kids love messy food, therefore dips are perfect for them.  Pack a little container of dip, and add some shark fin’s on the side and this seaweed dip with shark fin by A Few Short Cuts will be a huge success.


A great alternative to sandwiches are these easy appetizer pinwheels by Mission To Save.  Just as easy to make as a sandwich, but somehow tastes a whole lot better.


Kids go nuts over chicken nuggets.  There is really however no need to be buying the chicken nuggets from the shops when you really have no idea what goes into them.

Make you own baked chicken tenders using this recipe by Eat Thrive Glow.  The kids will thank you for it.


Ok, so this one might be a bit messy to hit the lunch box, but you could try!

Alternatively these brown sugar wrapped sausages by The County Chic Cottage would make awesome finger food at a kids party.  Just watch those sticky fingers!


These cheese stuffed meatballs by the Weary Chef look simply amazing. The kids will be thinking that they hit the jackpot when they find these in their lunch box.


Another easy and quick alternative to sandwiches is to make mini cheese scones by Recipe This.  A whole batch can be made in advance which will make your life so much easier.


So now instead of dreading the start of the school year and the lunch box’s that need packing, embrace these delicious and easy finger food recipes that the kids are going to absolutely love.

The great thing is that each of these recipes are also perfect for using at kids parties, so when it comes time to feeding the five thousand (or at least when it seems that way), that whole process should be a lot easier to.

Here are some great baking supplies that you can use for these recipes (affiliate links)

Easy Finger Food Recipes Kids Will Love