California family law attorney

  1. I have two dogs. In college I adopted my oldest dog, a lab mix. She, Bailey, is turning 8 years old this year and has been with me through law school, driving across country, the bar exam, and moving to Los Angeles. She is very loyal and prefers my company over anything else, except for maybe treats. She loves treats. My girlfriend and I adopted my other dog, Koda, almost two years ago. He is a ball of energy and loves to play with anything but his toys. These two bring a lot of joy to my life.
  2. I love to workout. It doesn’t matter if I am in the gym or out running on the beach or the trails; a good workout is priceless to me. During the week I usually stick to the gym for time sake, but when the weekend comes, doing sprints on the beach, running the trails, or biking down the boardwalk is where you can find me.
  3. Detroit is where I call home. I grew up just outside of Detroit and lived there until making the decision to move to San Diego. I went to undergrad at Central Michigan and law school in Detroit. Even though Detroit has a bad reputation, I enjoyed my time there and can recommend some good places to see. Oh, and yes, there is an 8 Mile for all you Eminem fans.
  4. Sports are my pastime. I grew up playing, watching, and learning a lot from sports. I played baseball for most of my life and was offered a number of scholarships to play in college. Along with baseball I love golf, hockey, and football (American). I root for all the Detroit teams, good or bad, and can watch any game that is being played. I’d rather watch sports than any reality, sitcoms, or dramas that are on these days.
  5. I left Michigan three days after graduating law school. It was during my last semester of law school that I decided I was going to move to San Diego. I talked with my good friend John and he said he would love to drive with me and see my new home. So, three days after walking across the stage for law school graduation we jumped in my car and drove from Detroit to San Diego. It was nice to see the country, drive through the mountains, and meet new people. However, the long drive does get to you when you have a car packed with stuff and dog in the backseat. But, I do have to say it was one of the best trips I’ve had.
  6. Talking about trips, I have never been across an ocean. Growing up I played so much baseball that summers were spent going to games and tournaments that we did not have time to travel. Since then I have been in school or working. I have only been to Canada and Mexico. I’m sure one of these days I will fly across an ocean, but it has not happened yet.
  7. I grew up doing manual labor. Unlike most of my friends and most people from my generation, I sought out manual labor jobs when I was younger. I love being outside so much that having a job that involved a lot of work outside spoke to me. I have done landscaping and industrial roofing. Those jobs taught me a lot about a hard days work, and showed me the other side of the working world. Up to that time I only knew people that worked in an office, but once you step onto a roof in 100 degree heat a lot changes. Those jobs made me who I am today and I would not trade them for anything.
  8. I want to go skydiving. When I was younger my mother went skydiving and showed me the video. Since then, I have had a number of friends go and tell me how amazing it is. I plan to go this year, but I want to do it someplace amazing so then it is unlike other people’s experiences. Any suggestions are welcome.
  9. If you offer me beer, wine, or whiskey I am going to take the whiskey. Living in Southern California there is a ton of breweries that make some of the best beer, but I don’t think anything is better than a nice glass of good whiskey.
  10. Pizza is my weakness. I tend to eat pretty healthy, but if you place a pizza in front of me you better not leave the room and expect some to be left. Any pizza is a good pizza, but in my opinion Jets Pizza (it’s not nationwide yet) is the best.
  11. I never drank coffee until law school. It’s true; coffee was not in my diet until my first semester of law school. Even then I would pick an energy drink over it, but once my friend made me a cup while we were studying for exams I was hooked. Now I cannot get my day started without a nice cup of coffee.
  12. I still call soft drinks pop. Growing up in Michigan we would ask, “What kind of pop do you have?” Even now living in Los Angeles I still call it pop, but most people look at me funny.
  13. Pen and paper are my friend. Unlike most people that just start typing, I find writing something out by hand first produces a better product. I write most things by hand first and then type it after.
  14. I love reading. Most of my day is spent reading new case law, researching and reading statutory law, or reading opposing motions, but reading something for pleasure is always fun. I read a lot of business strategy books, biographies of great business people, and also great thrillers. This is my way of relaxing and keeping reading fun.
  15. Meeting new people is exciting to me. I love meeting new people, whether it be work related or for fun. I think meeting people gives me new perspective on life and work. Plus, you never know what may happen by stepping out of your comfort zone to meet someone new.