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​A witch is someone who practices witchcraft: there are no other qualifiers. But when you don’t have any major needs that call for flexing those magickal muscles, it can be difficult to find ways to practice witchcraft every single day, let alone even once a week. To that end, here are 15 simple and highly practical ways that you can use witchcraft every day.

Regular practice, even with simple exercises like these, is crucial in keeping your skills up and building ability. It’s the one thing that you can do that will make you be a better witch, no matter how old you are, what books you’ve read, or how many shinies and skulls you have littered across your workbench.

So, if you claim to be a witch then back that shit up with some regular and consistent witchcraft practice. Let these ideas be a springboard to help you develop the mindset to where you can see the magickal potential of nearly every activity in your life.

  • Enchant your tea and/or coffee to keep it warm longer. Consider enchanting it to a specific goal. Yeah, you could go with some cliché healing energy (super if you need it but do you really?) but maybe a little emotional strength to get through the rest of the work day would be more effective?
  • Enchant the leftover tea bits and/or your coffee grounds before disposing of them to help counter the eco-backlash of landfills. This is a great way to practice your energy work with every cup. My three-year-old calls this “talking into your herbs” and she always gives me such a judgey, befuddled look when I do this, in that way that only very small children can. What I do: hold the tea bag, basket of spent herbs, or basket of used grounds in between my hands. With eyes closed, I breath fertile green energy into the herbs/grounds. Then I say, “heal the place where you end up, back to sweet Earth from tragic dump” before depositing the herbs into the trash. Okay, so the words are a little hokey, but I’ve been using this chant for over a decade and have no intentions of changing the words now.
  • Throw a ward on each door and window as you lock up at night. This doesn’t have to be a physical ward; something as easy as tracing a banishing pentacle over the door/window is great way to learn to work with energy and is also highly effective. Got kids? This is a great way to involve them in magick and have them regularly practice. Teach them to ward their bedroom windows and door before bed every night.
  • Ward the entrance of your home when you leave for the day. Again, toss a banishing pentacle over that door, sealing it with the stipulation that only you (or your spouse, children, etc.) can open the door.
  • Practice temporal magick as you drive to help you arrive on time (or early!) This is great if you chronically find yourself with just not enough time to get to where you need to go. Cast a circle about yourself, then pull the edges of the circle in toward you. Now, focus on time moving more quickly within the circle (so that time is moving more slowly without the circle, allowing you to arrive at your destination faster than you would otherwise have.)
  • Practice spirit communication by calling the aid of various local spirits as you go about your day. For example, throw a petition to the guardian of a parking lot for an open parking space, to the roadside guardians for safe travel on a busy road, or even to the spirits lingering about your favorite coffee shop to keep from being interrupted or bothered by others. Of course, taking steps to get to know these spirits will make for better results, so consider beginning with introducing yourself and building that relationship before jumping right into asking for help. This, too, needs not be complicated: literally just address the spirit, saying hello and acquainting yourself with their “feel.” As the relationship progresses (and especially once you begin to work with them) be sure to leave an offering once in a while. A few pennies tossed to the ground are great for urban spirits, while spirits in wilder or more rural locations may prefer small bits of fruit, a handful of bird seed, or a song.
  • Perform a self-cleansing as you shower at the end of the day to shake off the nasties you carried home with you. Or, if you shower in the morning, focus on strengthening your personal shields/aura/whatever. You can take this a step further and even enchant your body wash and shampoos to this end. Consider enchanting your shampoo to make you more attractive prior to a job interview (because hey, while it couldn’t hurt it will at least help you to appear more confident.)
  • Make a personal ward, something small and inconspicuous that you can always carry on you -enchant a hair tie, a piece of jewelry, a small stone, or make a sachet or a small item out of salt dough and charged herbs.
  • Practice invisibility magick when walking through crowds or hanging out in public spaces (e.g. coffee shop, restaurants, parks, libraries, department stores, etc.)
  • Practice your persuasive magick when conducting business for better deals, free extras, and better service. Yes, it’s manipulation: ALL magick is manipulation.
  • Enchant your meals by making them with choice herbs and stirring in your will. An herb with a less than delightful taste can be masked by using a tiny amount in heavier tasting foods (pasta sauce and slow cooked soups are perfect for this.) Disclaimer: only use edible herbs. Don’t be that person.
  • Learn to harness the energy raised through your personal grooming. Consider how much energy you spend in ensuring you look your best, think about how much energy you raise just by brushing or combing your hair. You see where I’m going with this…
  • Do meditation that actually benefits your practice. Buddhist meditation, while great for relaxation and stress relief, is designed to facilitate the goals of Buddhism. They are religious technology designed to help one release attachment to the world by recognizing suffering and the illusion of “reality." This is in order to facilitate in attaining moksha (breaking free from the cycle of reincarnation.) But this is the exact opposite aim of witchcraft and general Paganism, which seek to embrace the world and the joy that comes with living. So, using techniques purposely designed to aid in the opposite of that goal is obviously not helpful. A good alternative to try is active meditation, such as losing yourself in a task. This helps to strengthen your focus and ability to withstand distractions -very helpful if you regularly work magick in a house filled with children or roommates, or if you do magick while in public spaces.
  • Enchant your lotion so that you magickally anoint yourself with every application. Some appropriate magickal goals would be: for healing, to boost your confidence, to appear more confident, to be invisible, for protection, to attract specific energies to you.
  • Are you learning or do you use a certain divination method? Take five minutes -maybe while you’re cooking, or on hold, or while your kid sleeps, or before you leave the house, or while you’re on the bus- and pull a card, choose a rune, throw them bones, scry, whatever, just DO it. Don’t stress about it, just do it.

There are so many more ways that you can use magick every day to not just keep your skills up, but to improve your life. These are really just meant as simple ideas that you can implement right now. I hope that they serve you well and inspire you to implement greater magickal means in your everyday life. That way, when it’s time to pull out the big guns, you can do so without reservation, knowing your accuracy and ability are right where you need them to be.

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