I saw gymnastics all-day-long yesterday.  I am not kidding either.  It Is The the very first thing I did after I woke up and the final thing I had been doing before I went to bed.  I understood they would not reveal much on Television and I wasn't at work so I had the luxury of seeing all the live feeds on-line without having to wait for National Broadcasting Company or stay up late watching all the coverage.  Group finals and All Around finals will be a distinct narrative.  I Will have to stop web/social media to prevent spoilers, and remain up until the early hours of the evening for the five-hour program.

Team USA did precisely what everybody expected them to do yesterday.  They controlled.  Perhaps Not a solitary miss.  Tons of groups fell victim to the balance beam, although not the US.  They scored 10 points ahead of second position China.  These women are simply awesome. !

Gabby Douglas was strong on all occasions.  She went out-of-bounds on flooring, but enhanced her back tuck link after her first pass.  Her pubs were outstanding and and sufficient to qualify third in to pub finals.& nbsp; She remained on beam, and had a little step on on her behalf dismount.  She tied just with Aly on beam with a 14.833, but they both got hit out of balance beam finals due to the 2 per state rule.  Poor thing, she also got hit from flooring finals as a result of 2 per state rule.  It requires lots of courage to come back four years later-after winning the All-Around.  I give her so much credit for that, because she had every thing to get rid of, but made it happen anyway.  Like her or not, every one can honor her answer to perhaps not creating AA finals.    

Laurie Hernandez wowed not surprisingly on every one of her occasions.  She gets every 10 percent from her double twisting Yurchenko and her balance beam was rock solid.  She qualified 2nd in to balance beam finals after Simone Biles with a 15.366.  She also got hit out of flooring finals due to the 2 per state rule.

Madison Kocian did her employment.  She did a wonderful pub routine qualifying first into bar S finals with a 15.866.

USA Gymnastics: Aug 7 - Women's Qualifications &emdash; Aly Riasman Aly Raisman only gets better and better.  She ace everything on floor.  Her first-pass is very long s O I maintain my breath expecting she does not go out of  limits, but she remained in.   Pubs is her poor occasion, but she got through it great with her kind as great as I Have observed it.  I cried when she stooped at the waistline on on her behalf facet somi on balance beam, but she saved it and then caught her dismount.  She stumbled on Rio to win. Four years ago she dropped from the AA bronze medal as a result of tie breaker, and she is never very gotten over it.  She was established to get her 2nd possibility, and she got it.  It's really remarkable that she's of the same quality as if maybe not better than she was in 2012.  She created flooring finals, but got hit from balance beam due to that particular pesky two per state rule. !

USA Gymnastics: Aug 7 - Women's Qualifications &emdash; Simone Biles
Simone Biles.  What's there to say about her?  She Is amazing.  She certified first in to occasion finals on Vault, Beam, and Flooring.  She got a 16.050 common on vault.  She's the only gymnast in the whole contest to score A - 16 + on anything.  she'd a miniature tiny small hiccup on bar S, but no issue because she could drop and nevertheless be ahead of of everybody else.  I can not wait on her behalf to eventually get that goldmedal in the All Around.

USA Gymnastics: Aug 7 - Women's Qualifications &emdash;

So hereis the price.  When you take a look at uncooked figures Gabby should not have been chosen to contend Allaround in team qualifications.  This this is not intended to be a knockon Gabby.  She's an incredible wonderful sound gymnast, and she strike for staff USA but centered on absolute amounts others are more powerful.  Depending on your view, perhaps that is how it should be.  Perhaps being Olympic winner earns her that advantage of the question and the correct to have these chances over other gymnasts.  For these who do not view it it that way, it's not reasonable and other sportsmen who'd better amounts should have been provided the opportunity. I presume that is what most of the of the negativity surrounding Gabby was about.  Perhaps Not that she is not adequate or deserving to be on the group, but that others were also and possibly more so.  According to Marta, there were other other activities to consider besides All-Around.  Like bars. 

A year-ago at Globe Championships it was Maggie Nichols who got the Olympic Champ bulge, and it was Laurie Hernandez.  this year; Maggie sat bar-S in group skills out and then returned throughout staff finals to do Allaround submitting a higher all around complete than Gabby did in qualifications.  This year, Laurie's scores in staff skills were greater than Gabby on every occasion together with the exception of pubs, which she didn't compete.  I venture to think that the sole occasion Gabby will contend in staff finals is bars.  They just want three gymnasts on each and every event and her team-mates are more powerful than her on every-thing but bars.  If that's truly the situation, it circles right-back about to the notion that Laurie should have completed Allaround forward of Gabby.

Laurie almost certainly could have given Aly an operate on her behalf cash to meet the requirements for Allaround, however in the end Gabby was selected for the chance, and Aly presented on every occasion to defeat out her for that 2nd area.  Staff USA went 1-3 (Simone, Aly, Gabby) in the Allaround, plus they might have gone 1-4 had Laurie completed all around also.  It's really insane that the 3rd greatest doesn't get to improve.   Four years past Jordan Wieber was odd guy out, and also this year it is Gabby.  Group USA is indeed dominant that everybody to the team might maintain the top, and allaround finals would seem like a USA nationwide tournaments nevertheless they can not have that.  Aly h-AS managed to locate herself on the right-side of that 2 per state rule each time, but she h-AS gotten twisted on other technicalities.  I get why the two per state rule exists, but I'm-not a fanatic because finally the closing 24 girls who qualify aren't really the finest in the world.  That rule hit everyone on Staff USA except Simone and Madison out of a meeting closing.  ; Gabby was the largest casualty per state rule out of everybody else acquiring booted out of Allaround, Balance Beam and Flooring of the 2.

Another fascinating narrative from team skills is Kylie Dickson from America, I suggest Belarus.  She was not powerful enough to qualify for the US Countrywide group therefore she took her abilities elsewhere and competed for a state that she's completely no link to.  She Is never been, she does not talk the language, and she h-AS no family members there, but she sent applications for citizenship creating her eligible to contend for that state.  I do not blame her for needing to be an Olympian.  She needed the chance and she got it, but at what price?  Her ability level is nearer to NCAA that will be degree 10 and she did not execute really well.  she'd large Rests on everything.  I did not see her beam.  It was only her and a Belorussian trainer she likely only met.  I do not understand, it only looks like a really strange Olympic encounter.  ; Belarus h-AS a poor gymnastics plan, but it appears like there should have been Kylie who could happen to be given the opportunity as great as if perhaps not better than one girl.  a complete twisting yurchenko vaulted, and her spread flooring was a lay out complete.

Team Finals
1. United States
2. China
3. Russia
4. Great Britain
5. Brazil
6. Germany
7. Japan
8. Netherlands

Allaround Finals: Biles, Raisman
Personal occasion finals
Vault: Biles
Un Even bar S: Kocian, Douglas
Stability beam: Biles, Hernandez
Flooring exercise: Biles, Raisman

I I can not create about every-thing or else this post would be much too also long s O if you're fascinated, all the gymnastics information will be here at NBC Olympics.

Edited to a DD USA lineups declared for Staff Finals:
Laurie Hernandez
Aly Raisman
Simone Biles

Simone Biles
Gabby Douglas
Madison Kocian

Aly Raisman
Laurie Hernandez
Simone Biles

Laurie Hernandez
Aly Raisman 
Simone Biles