Innovative business ideas are generally the most successful. “Innovation … is not about the money. It’s about the people…” goes one of Steve Jobs’ famous quotes.

Innovation needs new ideas … Education has a responsibility to tradition” goes one of Seymour Papert’s famous quotes.

1 Psychological counseling aboard taxis

Psychological counseling aboard taxis - 20 Innovative business ideas
The Taxi Stockholm taxi company set in motion a psychological counseling initiative for passengers. The novel idea counts with professional psychologists at the wheel.

2 Furniture storage

Furniture storage - 20 Innovative business ideas
An innovative business idea thought for people in need of a temporary location to keep their items, such as a television, furniture, out-of-season clothing and a myriad of valuable items.

It involves having a property with several storage compartments that are only accessible by the person renting that compartment.

When people take a vacation and have no one to leave behind to take care of their home, this service provides a space that is always guarded, and oftentimes an insurance for the value of stored items is offered as well.

Example + Metros

3 Dinner at home

Dinner at home - 20 Innovative business ideas
Preparing our home for social lunches and dinners. The original creator of the idea is not known with exactitude, and many of us would sure like to thank him personally.

Currently, the idea works through the Cookapp app, where people offer their homes and a menu, and others sign up and enjoy a nonconventional dinner or lunch.

4 Folding bedrooms

Folding bedrooms - 20 Innovative business ideas
Experts point out that sleeping a 20-minute nap improves overall performance by a 34%, and additionally lowers the risk of a heart attack, gets rid of mental and physical weariness and reduces stress, among other things.

The fact is that at workplaces it is quite complicated to have separate spaces for use as bedrooms. By having folding bedrooms, we just move the furniture.

Idea Fold Inn

5 Personalized pizza

Personalized pizza - 20 Innovative business ideas
Pizza Hut plans to incorporate a novel way to place orders. With this innovation, pizza personalization will be taken to the limit since ingredients, seasoning and their amounts are 100% at the hands of customers who order the pizza.

The interactive table connects to a smartphone app, and from there the personalized pizza is a few touches away from the customer, and once done, it is confirmed and the order is placed.

Idea Pizza Hut

6 Biodegradable packaging

Biodegradable packaging - 20 Innovative business ideas
Innovations are increasingly gaining strength in the field of ecology; we aim for a world with lower pollution, and this leads us to innovate.

In the field of ecology and innovation, Monosol has developed a biodegradable wrapping applied to coffee packs and tea bags, which disintegrates in contact with the water.

innovation steve jobs

7 Workplace

Workplace - 20 Innovative business ideas
Workplaces are already a nearly worldwide trend. The innovation involves the practice of Coworking at workplaces.

8 Ostrich pillow

Ostrich pillow - 20 Innovative business ideas
There are cases when innovation takes somewhat weird physical shapes, and this is one of them. Studio Banana, together with its designers Kawamura- Ganjavian, have developed what could be dubbed “the portable pillow”. The Ostrich pillow allows for a few minutes of rest in public spaces by simulating the effect of laying down the head and placing the hands around a conventional pillow.

9 Arcade

Arcade - 20 Innovative business ideas
An arcade may sound quite common, but Ikea’s idea is not an arcade in and of itself. It is an arcade for husbands and boyfriends who are sick of shopping.

The idea is that while the wife or girlfriend does her shopping for bags, and boots, and necklaces, and perfumes, and dresses, and…

10 Home thermostat

Home thermostat - 20 Innovative business ideas
Maintaining the ideal temperature at home in all of its rooms; this is the innovative idea of Nest.  It seeks to accomplish its objective through a device that stores personalized temperature configurations.

11 Hotel-in-a-mountain

Hotel-in-a-mountain - 20 Innovative business ideas
Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days in this hotel, just to find out what it feels like being inside a mountain. This hotel is located at km 55 Camino Internacional Panguipulli, Neltume, Décima Cuarta Región de Los Ríos, Chile.

Among the 20 innovative business ideas, this is one of the most original.

12 Bicycle with USB charger

Bicycle with USB charger - 20 Innovative business ideas
The Silverback bicycle company has developed a bicycle capable of recharging a device through a USB connector. It uses the classic method of adding a dynamo that generates an electric current when pedaling.

13 Potless plants

Potless plants - 20 Innovative business ideas
Kokedamas are an innovative business idea; a novel and creative way to evoke plants. Hailing from Japan, the plants stay contained within balls of moss and substrate, which need to stay hydrated.

innovation jack welch

14 On-call car repair

On-call car repair - 20 Innovative business ideas
Each day people have less time, and having an on-call car repair service that goes to your home would save people a lot of time.

Example YourMechanic

15 Urban green roofs

Urban green roofs - 20 Innovative business ideas
An innovative method with sights on reducing pollution in cities. Green roofs, the use of building and house roofs for growing plants, is gaining popularity.

16 Digital drink mixer

Digital drink mixer - 20 Innovative business ideas
The preparation of drinks in perfect amounts and programmatically has arrived. Preparing Manhattans, Martinis, Gimlets and beyond will be much simpler with this innovative idea.

Idea Pushstart Creative

17 Desktop holder

Desktop holder - 20 Innovative business ideas
So that things are not lying around all over and don’t get lost; a sober and elegant innovative item holder.

Idea Pushstart Creative

18 Ecological portable shower

Ecological portable shower - 20 Innovative business ideas
This ecological portable shower developed by Geopure is powered by solar energy and reuses a 50-liter water tank that can be filtered up to about 50 times.

It differs from conventional portable showers in that those pollute the environment due to the use of non-renewable energy and the disposal of wastewater.

19 Recipe delivery

Recipe delivery - 20 Innovative business ideas
Yo Como Bien introduces an innovative business idea, offering a new twist to cooking recipes. They have the recipes, the ingredients, and step-by-step cooking instructions, all of it in a pack that is delivered at your home.

The customer simply places his order, enjoys cooking, and enjoys the food.

20 Capsule hotel

Capsule hotel - 20 Innovative business ideas
Developed by Russian design studio Arch-group, the Sleepbox capsule hotel emerged from the need of a brief rest at airports while waiting for the next flight.

innovation innovacion Seymour Papert