My last post was November?

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."-Maya Angelou

The art of finding myself again  is not as easy as it seems, all these travels and work  are the best of experiences but sometimes dealing with people and  challenging situations  that sometimes can be tiring.Going through security checks , dealing with multiple heads ,dusts,weather, change of game plans...THAT can be tiring.

But I am ok now, resting and trying my best to use my time to rest to actually do some REAL resting :)

I was talking to a friend last night  about the challenges  we all faced lately in this country, this gender, this norm at this age of rapid changes of trend and technology

How do we adapt to it, how long are we able to stay with the same  stereotypical life ?especially for me, how long am I able to stay in one place , after all ,there is a nomad inside me.Well,I am lucky my job now doesn't put me in a station where I am behind a desk looking forward for the next holiday.But if I were?would I be depressed sick?

Being thankful

We have to be thankful  at all time, we need to wake up every morning  with "alhamdulillah " mindset... we are alive,we are breathing , we are not hungry and we open our eyes to  a  ceiling, a roof on our head.we are lucky.


Of an article I read recently ALL of my idol women exercises in the morning.I know I should , and talking about doing it  NOW could be  the start.

Dealing with bullies

No matter where you are ,school or work there will aways be people pushing your around to  the extent that you played along and  fell.People can be vicious,they wear many faces.I have never played that game.I know god exist and god will deal with them.I am  staying true to myself.

Opening your heart
To love  and to love  everything in between.I feel that problem always occur when a couple's or shall I say most  women's objective are all about the destination of the man-woman relationship.Instead of enjoying it on a day to day basis ,it has to be about the commitment, the  wedding, the engagement, the pre wedding photoshoot, the ring and the bla bla bla.
I just  love being in love.

we all  need to have just the right amount of sleep at this age,march 2016.I won't tolerate the idea that needs me to sleep less.I want 8 hours full stop.

People who suddenly appear  out of nowhere

It could be people claiming to be your relative, your old friend, your kindergarten friend.
People who were never there  for you/ ditch you through your  hard time, people who used to be annoying  you/offended you  at school...thanks to social media they  can harass you at any time they wish for unknown reason asking you to be their friends.I say it now, I say it loud and clear.STOP IT.

Lemon and Honey
it works
I was doing the regime, stopped for a long time because i was too lazy to go to the organic store.I must say doing it bring me more healthy days than not doing it.

Continue taking pictures
I am happier when I take pictures with my DSLR ,lately I seldom do it.So 2016 is the year of taking pictures again .I do it for myself.

pictures taken with my iphone 6

Places I 've been December 2015-  February 2016





Riccione! my favorite city
A little spot ,somewhere only we know
Do I have to tell you?,really?
Do I have to tell you? really?
Somewhere , when the cloud decided to dance with me
Dubai , one of the  prettiest restaurant I have ever been to.
I love penguins!
Melaka, after burger with my brother.