The aims and objectives of the coming year are the protagonists of the center of the table. If you ask someone, the personal appearance most likely will be the answer you get in the short term.  Eating healthy is without doubtfully at the podium of the highest requirements. It happens that at the end of the year, people look back and draw all the conclusions. The good and the bad. Which must continue and that there should be change. In nutrition, the year-end holidays causes fall into many temptations and overeating. Then, after year-end, the start again is the culmination of the previous game. Eating healthy, exercising, or simply losing weight, are at the top of the list of priorities that you feel that something has to change. So the first question that arises is how to start, where do I start? Just a series of habits to incorporate in order to the body to feel better. Knowledge is power To lose weight, a person should self-educate. Although many people want to lose the extra kilos and live healthier, there are few that actually have the necessary information to make that happen. For example, the enormous conceptual, strategic and physiological difference in weight loss and really maintain weight loss. Most people who engage in short-term diets will lose a desirable amount of weight, but in the long term is shown to regain what was lost and to the risk that this increase runs. Know what are the elements of a food label means starting to read the ingredients and have the right skills will think twice about what you eat. Avoid traps food A surprisingly small percentage of the population eats when hungry. Deception is very common and is usually fed a body which, in fact, may need something else. Also it happens to go through local food or watch a program on TV where there is a food that captivates. All these are signs of behavior, or incentives to encourage eating. So the first important in the control of food and find what environmental signs step asks eat unnecessarily. Eat slowly The maelstrom of work or daily activities cause, often "eat up" or not to stop to carry out a good diet. Run toast the sandwich to work or on the desktop without putting a brake on job only generate negative effects. The speed at which point it can be a factor affecting body weight, because the fast food intake is associated with some place that is given to the body to express when feels satisfied. How much does the social domain? People greatly underestimate the social factors in eating behaviors and weight loss. For example, teenagers share similar patterns in terms of power. Copy the habits of the people around can be a mechanism for incorporating negative organism. If a group of friends becomes aim to eat healthy and lose weight, probably the person who follows the same path have better luck.