We are capping off our week and this editorial feature with a look at the pretty floral works of Dahlia Event Planning & Floral. They brought in some pretty blooms to accessorize our honeymoon tent, a bouquet + bout of course, and they adorned the dinner scene with a beautiful centerpiece nestled in our gorgeous rock vessel. Also pulled local clippings of foliage to accessorize the timbers in the open air restaurant we dined in! Here is what the ladies at Dahlia had to say about their designs:

We wanted to use a lot of earthy colors that would complement the Conestoga Ranch atmosphere. We also thought it would be nice to use color & texture in the fall tones that we love this time of year.

We used a mixture of garden roses, ranunculus, yarrow, dahlias, pieris bud (andromeda), as well as different types of greenery and flowers that could be found in local gardens.

We also were able to create the greenery wall from tree branches that we found at Bear Lake mixed with some different textures and greenery that we found around our shop in Logan.

These pretty blooms finish it off folks! We just want to send one more huge thank you out to our amazing creative team on this one! Have a great weekend!