The northern & southern regions of UT are growing both in population and industry, when we decided to head up north to the Bear Lake area we also decided we wanted to source heavily from the area’s creatives for this shoot.

Conestaga Ranch might be one of the most accommodating venues we have shot at, very interested in doing their part to reach the potential of the shoot. We had access to their famed Joshua Tree tent, their event tent, their restaurant + chef, tables, chairs, props, and all the land we could dream of frolicking on. This venue was built by 5 smart creatives who appreciate the beauty of the area, realize that the “glamping” trend is growing, and know the importance of bringing people together to connect. This resort is custom built and includes “glamping” how they see it should be done, fine food included! We are pretty drawn to their ideals! This would be an amazing place to gather your family for a destination wedding that can offer your wedding party an experience that will never be forgotten.

BreAnne Weston is based out of Logan and a creative asset to the region when it comes to photography, for weddings or otherwise. She of course travels but keeping it where the roots grow was the name of this game. It was a great experience to work with her and we were so happy with the outcome. Today we are just simply want to show you some of our most favorite shots from the shoot and let you melt into the beauty and experience with us!