Years of editorial shoots have taught us a thing or two about how to maximize the potential of any given shoot to create the most amount of magic. One such thing we have learned is that when it comes to needing passion, attraction, and love to be present in photographs it usually works best to use a real life couple for our shoots, so we have for many of them. This shoot created a bit of a ruckus in finding the right models, Sachi + Chad came on at the last minute but in a manner that was no less meant to be. We became smitten with their kind personalities and love for each other. We further more have gotten to know them a bit which led to some thoughts on marriage, something a lot of our readers are preparing for. Today we are sharing with you a bit about Sachi + Chad’s love story and what their advice is when it comes to marriage! A big thanks to them for being so willing to be real + vulnerable at our shoot and here on our blog and also to Breanne Weston Photo + Nikkol at Refine, magic was most certainly created.

Chad’s advice-
Its been said many times, date your wife. Don’t get complacent in the fact that you already got the girl, now you have to work to keep her. After many anniversaries, kids and a mortgage, or where ever life takes you… always remind her why you chose to do it all with her.

Sachi’s advice-
Marriage is never 50/50. We all have our ups and downs. Some days or months you will be pulling a little more of the weight. Don’t get discouraged because one day the tables will turn. Just remember that together you can face anything.

Our story is a little all over the place. We started our relationship and I already had a failed marriage under my belt and a toddler, Chad took us on completely and quickly. We were an instant family and nothing ever felt more right. It took me a few years to even consider marriage again, but Chad always said as long as he could be with me he was happy. And naturally I caved.

But marriage hasn’t been easy on us. Chad and I only know each other as parents. We’ve never had that honeymoon stage. We’ve been surviving the toddler years for our entire relationship and don’t know each other outside of that. We don’t have who we were before kids to ground us. Its like we are getting to know each other for the first time. Its hard and there has been so much hurt. But we both would choose a hard day, month or year with each other than without. Marriage isn’t easy. But its so I worth it.

Sachi finished off her email to us with some really important words that we also want to share;

Is that okay? I know we don’t have the pretty story. But its real and you can’t see the light unless you’ve been in the dark. And hes my light.