We love a good table design here at UBB and we even love to get our hands in on the process sometimes but when you are working with a design guru like Nikkol from Refine, you just quietly sit back and allow her to create. She brought in the most beautiful elements to create this scene. We set up in the open air restaurant there on the ranch and utilized one of their beautiful tables, adding more furniture from the collection of a local gatherer, Mary Hess, where also the beautiful vessel hailed from.

Using natural fibers and textures Nikkol created a deconstructed tablescape that allowed individual design elements to connect to the landscape.  All the details of the table felt intimate, personal, and quiet in just the right ways! Here is what Nikkol had to say about the table design:

I drew colors from the landscape to combine for the color palette. Texture always plays a big role in my designs – and there was an abundance of textures to pull from. My goal was to show how a minimal design style can pair nicely with a rugged foundation. I sourced natural elements – the vessel for the flowers, for example, is a polished stone bowl with a live edge and the tablecloth was made from an un-dyed linen / cotton blend. I chose plates and cups with clean lines and medium tones to add depth to the table.