Scene One :

[ Early morning.  Scott is eyeing
his bathroom window hard as
he strategically sculpts each
strand of his dark hair.

Satisfied now, he moves on to vig-
orously brushing.  Rolling around
each tooth.  ]

[ Rinsing out his mouth, he sets
the toothbrush down & begins
to fidget with his hair again. ]

"Your food's getting cold!"

SCOTT:  Yeah, I'm coming. 

[ Minutes later Scott joins his
Dad at the kitchen table. ]

SCOTTsDAD: Everything okay?

You're starting to take more
time in the bathroom then
your mother use to.

[ His Dad laughs at him. ]

SCOTT: I'm fine.  Just have to
look my best for the ladies so
I take my time.

[ He states, guiding the conver-
sation. ]

SCOTT: Yeah I have to go. I'm
meeting someone before work.

SCOTTsDAD: Okay.  Don't forget
about your.

[ His Dad starts to speak but Scott
has already left. ]

Scene Two :

[ Little H is alone at the kitchen
table when Hithe sits down his
plate, then another in front of
the seat next to him. ]

HITHE: You know I don't care
about the weekends.

[ H looks up & Hithe stops. ]

LITTLE H: Dean can't go home
right now.

All his parents do is remind
him over and over again of
his past behaviors.

They've even drove most of
his other relatives away
from him.

[ A rush of thoughts come to
Hithe's mind but he settles on 
one realization. ]

HITHE: That's sad.  Maybe I
should talk some sense
into them myself.

JR. DEAN: Morning guys.

[ Dean appears from the hall.

 He smiles, taking a place near
his omelette & homemade
waffles. ]

HITHE: Well, I have to get to 
work.  You two enjoy.

[ After he leaves, Dean gets up &
places his plate in the microwave. ]

JR. DEAN: I'm not that hungry yet.

LITTLE H: Okay.  At least you're

[ He leaves H in the kitchen &
sneaks off toward the bathroom.

Turning the water on full blast,
Dean bends down over the toi-
let seat, waiting & clutching
his belly. ]

Scene Three :
Noon, at the Aisles.

[ Scott arrives, just in time to
clock in by his grace period.

He stays silent & makes his
way toward the back cooler
area but is stopped by Brian. ]

"Just walk past me, why don't

SCOTT: My fault man.  Hey.

BRIAN: I'm shitty I missed
that pool party but OT was
calling my name.
SCOTT: Yeah.  Gotta love
summer.  Someone is always
ditching around here.

BRIAN: Hence why we're
the only ones here in our
departments.  Well I'll
see ya out there.

[ A couple hours later, Scott
is tediously checking over
the quality of the vegetables
when Airynn walks by. ]

AIRYNN: Hey, I'm going across
the street for food in a couple

Want a ride?

SCOTT: Nah.  I'll be cutting out
in less than an hour.  Got stuff
to do.
AIRYNN: That's cool.  I wish I
could half it today.  It's getting
hotter and hotter outside.

SCOTT: Nice.

[ He answers Airynn but his mind
is somewhere outside TA.

A couple hours later, Scott 
exits a cab and heads toward
an unknown building. ]

Scene Four :
 Meanwhile, in the Salon.

[ Hithe is standing at the front desk
when Kristyn walks in. ]

"I see things are progressing
steadily around here."

HITHE: I know.  Not only are our
stations filled now but the cust-
omers are constantly rolling in.

[ He grins big, taking a seat &
leaning back in his chair. ]

HITHE: But what I'm even more
excited about is me & H moving
in to yours this weekend.
KRISTYN: I was hesistant at first.

[ She states, leaning over towards
him. ]

KRISTYN: Since you've worked every-
thing out and things are starting
to fall into place, I'm looking forward
to it.
HITHE: I knew you would get on board.
The kids love the idea.  However, there
is one thing we still need to talk about.
KRISTYN: What's that?

HITHE: Dean.

[ Back at Kristyn's, Mairya's boyfriend
sees her phone ringing for the third
time and decides to answer it. ]

"Hey, what's going on?"

MICA: What?  Slow down a little,
I can't understand you.

He just passed out there.

[ Mairya comes inside the room,
followed by Trailyn. 

As Mica hangs up the line. ]

MICA: Get my keys we gotta 
go now.

MAIRYA: Where?
MICA: To Hithe's.  We're taking
Dean to the ER.

[ He states as all three head out
to the garage in a panic. ]

Scene Five :

[ Scott sits stradling the middle
cushion, waiting on the interro-
gation to begin. ]

"How long have your symptoms
been getting worse?"

SCOTT: Since before the summer
started.  I wouldn't of said any-
thing but it starting to effect my

FEMALE: And why haven't you
seen a doctor?

SCOTT: Because I don't need
one.  There just going to put
me on medication.
I can deal with it fine all
on my own.
FEMALE: Oh, then why are you

[ Scott raises his eyebrow, watch-
ing as the therapist adjust into
her seat. ]

SCOTT: I don't know.

FEMALE: I believe you do and I'm
sure we'll get to that in time but
l'm not here to analyze every
thing you do.

We just met.  Let's start more
SCOTT: With what exactly?

FEMALE: Sit back and tell me
about your day.

[ She smiles at Scott. ]

Scene Six:

[ At the hospital; Mica, Mairya,
& Trailyn are waiting outside
the room.

Inside, H is sitting on a chair
with Dean laying on the bed. ]

DEAN: They're waiting to tell
me that it's getting worse.

[ Little H stands next to him. ]

LITTLE H: You don't know that.
It could have happened from
anything.  Like you not eat-
ing very much.
DEAN: This time I don't think
so babe.

[ H lays down frustrated. ]

DEAN: I'm sorry.  I know your
just trying to help me.  That's
what you've been doing from
day one.
LITTLE H: Right and don't forget

[ H laughs a little but is interupted
by the nurse and doctor barging
in. ]

"Are you a relative?"

[ They hurry over, directing H toward
the door. ]

"We need to talk to Dean.