The 3 Steps That Will Make Your Twitter Ads More Effective

Worried that your Twitter ads are going to be a complete flop? Many of the businesses using Twitter have the same feeling. They want to know how they can take such a small space and make it interesting enough to get people to connect. Here are a couple of things to remember:

1) Twitter is a powerful tool to reach your target audience. According to eMarketer, the social media tool will have 286.3 million active monthly users by the end of the year. That’s a growth rate of 10.9%.

2) Your ad doesn’t have to be complex. Rather, it needs to be authentic and true to your brand to get a click or retweet.

The key to marketing your business or brand well on Twitter is a combination of three big steps: knowing your audience, establishing goals and metrics, and writing great content. By taking the time to pull together an effective campaign that’s based on the specific goals of your business and your audience’s needs, you can turn Twitter into a profit center for your business.

What It’s Not About

Before diving into the steps you take to improve your Twitter ads, let’s address a few common misunderstandings about using Twitter.

Mistake #1: Chasing Quantity instead of Quality

It’s not just about getting the highest possible number of followers. It’s also about getting the highest possible quality of followers specific to your brand and client base.

Mistake #2: Being Too Spontaneous

Popping in once in a while to drop a few sentences into your feed really isn’t enough. Not surprisingly, 74% of customers follow brands to stay up to date on the products and services you offer, and 15% of Twitter users unfollow a business within 3 weeks if they don’t make a strong effort to engage with their followers early on. So, have a strategy for reaching out to followers, and be frequent and consistent about tweeting.

Mistake #3: Using Twitter only as a Megaphone

Twitter is not a one-way platform where you can post and go. Instead, Twitter is one of the best sites to engage with your audience. Krista Bunskoek at Wishpond makes a great point:

“Twitter is a great platform to use for customer service. In fact, many of your customers are likely using Twitter, instead of email, to contact you these days. Lots of new business can be found on Twitter too, if you are in a B2B. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten in touch with business partners when I’ve mentioned them in a tweet, and vice versa. Make sure you are checking your notifications throughout the day, and respond to people getting in touch with you this way.”

Creating Effective Twitter Ads Requires Three Big Steps

Engaging with an audience on Twitter is fantastic and it’s sure to get your brand the attention you need, but only if you work through this three-step process first.

1) Do Your Analytical Homework

No, we are not talking about high school math. Rather, we’re talking about Twitter analytics.

You can get some basic information by logging into your Twitter account and going here: It tells you what you are doing, how well you are doing, and what’s happening with the photos and tweets you send out. But, this is not enough.

You also need to do some homework related to your brand and other Twitter users. With social media listening tools, you learn more about who your audience is, what they are talking about, and what causes these individuals to take action. Social media analytics tools are a powerful resource you’ll use to achieve several goals:

-Define who your target audience is

-Create a strategy that will align with your audience (what do they want)

-Aid in helping you to choose the right content and marketing method to achieve your goals

2) Establish the Right Campaign

Once you’ve outlined your strategy, you can establish metrics to define how you’ll measure success. What matters the most to you? Is it more followers? Larger audience shares? Building brand image? High click-through rates? According to a survey of small and medium businesses by Clutch, the most common ways to measure success online were by views, posts and interactions. Find what’s most important for your brand, then choose a campaign style that meets those goals.

Liz Azyan at says,

“As much as marketers love engaging with people on Twitter, what they really want to know is how to start making a profit from those conversations.”

Twitter is a great place to create profitable conversations, but you need a successful campaign that fits your goals. There are several options for creating successful campaigns, based on your wants:

You want followers

Your ad copy needs to specifically tell people that you want them to follow you and then sell them on the benefit of doing so. Also, have a clear bio and a professional background image on your profile. For more, see Twitter’s suggestions.

The 3 Steps That Will Make Your Twitter Ads More Effective

You want more website traffic

To get people to click through to your website, give them a reason to do so. What will they get if they get to your site?

Here are a couple of great examples:

The 3 Steps That Will Make Your Twitter Ads More EffectiveThe 3 Steps That Will Make Your Twitter Ads More Effective

You want engagement

Focus your engagement campaigns on a specific topic, and give them some reach with keywords and hashtags. Invite viewers to engage. Use images and visuals. You want these to be shared. For more, see Twitter’s suggestions.

The 3 Steps That Will Make Your Twitter Ads More Effective

Now that you have some idea of what to create, let's talk about how to make your ads win.

3) Grab Them with Copy

The final step is to create copy that truly sings. Here are some easy rules:

-Stick to your brand voice. Is it friendly? Professional? Direct? Serious? Fun? Give yourself some parameters and be consistent.

-Create a sense of urgency. Use words such as “now” and “running out.”

-If you are offering a promotion, show it in a percentage. According to Twitter, price-based discounts see a 40% lower CPA than percentage-based discounts.

-Don’t fill the screen with hashtags. One or two is enough.

-Ask a question to engage. Give them a reason to respond.

-Include a clear call to action and a way for them to act on it.

So, to review: analyze your audience and create goals. Then, create a campaign that achieves those goals with ad copy that’s right to the point. Twitter ads can help you build your brand, increase awareness, and connect on a deeper level with your consumers when you have an organized campaign.

The good news is you don’t have to go through this on your own. We can help you. Learn more about NUVI as well as our social media analytics tools and resources that can help you drive people to your page every time.