This was back when I could hold both my sons (they were small). I have some awesome son's. Here are three things I wish I could go back and change. Maybe it will help a new dad or remind us what really matters.

1. I would not stress over money! Money will come and go . We put way to much stock in it and let it destroy our peace. We have to have it to live but when it consumes us we are slaves to it. Here is a Key: Money is a tool and we are to control it not the other way around. Money is a cruel task master and once placed as above all is hard to change. I would put family first above money and not let stress over it cause friction in my relationships.

2. I would not stress over broken toys, furniture or bones! All these can be fixed. Broken hearts take time. More soft answers and I would laugh more. I took things way to serious and let life be a burden. If I had to do over again I would laugh about the wrecked car, messy room, loud children and the like. Life is just to fast to be all stressed over mess.


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3. I would hug more even though I hug all the time. Heal Hugs! I would be more gentle and kind. Have more peace and stop to hug my sons more. Just stop! That is hard to do in our world is it not? To just stop and look around, take in the beauty. The great thing is we are not dead and we can change each of these can't we. Today I will start to do each of these more. Till next time!