Lindsey and her husband welcomed their first child last May. They had a beautiful baby girl, the first granddaughter of of our family, Imogene. Wasting no time, they are now expecting their second child just two months after Imogene’s first birthday. Our entire family was excited to learn if we would have a second granddaughter in the family or if Lindsey and her husband would have both a daughter and a son. Needless to say, we eagerly looked forward to the announcement! Lindsey did not disappoint with clever baby gender reveal idea {look for it in the list below}.

Gender reveal parties and announcements have become very popular recently as more and more parents find out the sex of their baby before the birth. To help the other mothers and fathers-to-be come up with creative gender reveal moments, I have compiled a list of clever ideas to make the announcement at a party and through the mail.

Let’s get started with gender reveal ideas for parties. Gender reveal parties are fun, because you get to share fun, love, friendly rivalries{who is rooting for a boy and who is rooting for a girl?}and reactions with those you love the most. You can do the gender reveal in front of your friends and family or they can join in on the fun with you using one of these ideas.

The pinata is a tried and true gender reveal favorite. Pinatas already make for fun party games, but they get even cooler when they offer more than candy. You could keep pinata fun for the kids and fill it with pink or blue lollypops, jolly ranchers, airheads, mints, taffy, rock candy, m&ms and more. Or, you can fill it with confetti, flower petals, glitter or balloons for the more grown up crowd. There are plenty of cool designs for a baby shower and gender reveal party, too.

Pinata Gender Reveal


Surprise Llama Pinata Purple 16in x 19.5in

Purple Llama Pinata measures 19.5in x 16in x 4in (HxLxW)

Can hold up to 2lbs of candy, goodies, or loot

Handmade quality makes the llama pinata durable yet breakable



“Shower” Gender Reveals

A fun way for adults and kids to join in on the gender reveal announcement is through a silly string war. You will need to let store clerks or close friends in on the gender in order for the gender reveal to remain a surprise for you. Just wrap some butcher paper around the silly string bottles to keep color a secret during the party until you are ready to let them rip. The couple can join in on the fun or let the crowd spray them with the announcement.

You can get the crowd involved in the gender reveal by arming them with {washable} paint. You will need to let some close friends in on the gender in order to keep the reveal a surprise for you. This way is a bit more fun for the couple expecting, because they are the only ones not in on the gender making their reactions all the better.

You can keep the squirt gun fight a family affair, which makes a fun announcement photo. Everyone can be armed to join in on the fun. Or, you can give the big brother or big sister the squirt gun and let them spray mom and dad with the gender reveal.


For a  gender reveal that does not require laundry or a shower afterward, but still delivers on color and excitement, try confetti blowers or sticks. The gender reveal raining down the couple and crowd is fun for everyone present and it makes for an exciting photo.


Party Food Gender Reveal Ideas

You can turn the gender reveal into a drinking game — not that kind of drinking game. With some fizzy bombs, you can make the gender reveal drinkable. It is also a great way to toast to the occasion.

You can leave the gender reveal until the end and let guests discover the sex with their dessert. You can do the gender reveal by cutting into the cake. You can make the inside of the cake pink or blue or make a pinata cake.

you can use pinata cookies to make your announcement at dessert.

Pinata desserts aren’t the only way to hide something. You can let guests discover the sex of the baby using a fortune cookie.

Or, you can do what Lindsey did and hide the gender reveal in the cupcakes.

Hershey is a classic American treat and it just so happens to contain both “he” and “she”. Hand them out at dessert for a sweet reveal.

Sporty Gender Reveal Ideas

The gender reveal can be as simple as a fun game of pitch and hit between husband and wife with the crowd looking on. You can either create or buy a powder bomb baseball. Just make sure that it is held together well in case the hubby isn’t a pro and swings and misses 🙂

The expecting couple can have a friendly game to reveal the gender. You can play darts or arrows in front of the crowd popping balloons to do the gender reveal. There are several ways to do this, including popping balloons to reveal a message on the board behind it and popping balloons filled with paint.

Have a friendly game of armwrestling at your gender reveal party or for a photo announcement.


Have a friend fill two pillows with pink or blue feathers and have a pillow fight until you are surprised with the gender.

If you are a family of hunters, military servicemen or simply just gun enthusiasts, then it may be fitting to announce your baby’s sex with a bang.

Gender Reveal From Afar

A lotto scratch gender reveal is perfect both for parties and mail announcements. Party guests can race to find out the sex of the baby first. Those who receive the announcement in the mail can have some fun with their announcement. Best of all, there are scores of cute card designs to choose from. If you are crafty, then you can make your own DIY lotto scratch cards.

Or, you can send a greeting card with the message. This DIY card is cute and clever. The full instructions are here.

Turn your photo into a folded card for a cheap and memorable mailable gender reveal.

For a low-key, easy and cheap announcement, you can use bubble gum to get your message out.

For a really low key and cheap announcement, get creative in nature.

You can make it subtly beautiful with a ribbon around the waist.

Or, forget subtlety and let your body spell it out.


Gender Reveal with Siblings

If the new baby will have siblings, get the kids in on the action. You can capture their reaction to the news on camera as your announcement.

You can also let the kids in on the gender to make the announcement themselves.

If you do not have siblings to include in the photo, then you get your pet in on the announcement.


Glitter, Powder and Flower Gender Reveal Ideas

Action gender reveals are more popular than ever. Not surprisingly. glitter and powder gender reveal ideas are on the rise. That is because they make for a vibrant and dramatic photo for a small cost. Minimum cost, maximum effect with numerous possibilities.

You can keep it simple and timeless with toss or blow of flower petals.

You can also get more current with a powder bomb. Toss it, blow it or otherwise. It makes for a messy and beautiful photo no matter what.

Get a pink or blue powder bomb and let it rip for a beautiful photo.

For a powerful gender reveal idea combining men, motors and powder, try one of these automotive ideas.

For a simple and dramatic use of glitter, just capture blowing it in the wind on film.

Surprise your guests in person or via a card with a glitter board. Just get some glue and glitter to make the announcement.

Crack the gender reveal on your spouse with a glitter egg. You can hand them out to friends throw at each other and crack on each other. You can make your own DIY glitter egg or buy them on Etsy.


Go Scientific and/or Nerdy

You can make the announcement different by going scientific with it. You can announce the sex using chromosomes.

Or, you can get the kids in on a science experiment with a colored baking soda volcano.

If you enjoy the nerdy things in life, then let it out in your gender reveal announcement.

Use toys to make the announcement in a fun way. Dolls over soldiers? Dump trucks over Barbie dream home?

Host a showdown between Superman and Wonder Woman to see which sex of the superhero will win.

Lindsey’s baby is due any moment and although we already know that it is girl, we cannot wait to meet her. If you did a fun gender reveal, let us know what it is below!