Keeping myself accountable here, making sure to get in “one good thing for me a day” through the month of January. A busier week this week than last means I gave myself a little leeway with what the term “wellness” means, but on the whole feeling good about at the very least making an effort!

Day 8: Snow Shoveling

With a snowblower and two teenagers in the house, it’s rare that I actually have to shovel snow, but to be truthful I kind of like shoveling snow on our big driveway — especially when that snow is light and fluffy and not wet an cement-like. I tend to zone out, making patterns with my shoveling lines, and I don’t mind being outside in the fresh mountain air.

Day 9: BootyBarre

Another favorite class at Burn Fitness Studio, BootyBarre is a full-body workout that focuses on activating the small muscles in the legs, core and arms. It’s a favorite among the offerings at Burn.

Day 10: Haircut

It had been three months since a hair trim. A desperately needed haircut = wellness for body and my mental state. Dry split ends were driving me nuts.

Day 11: 12,000 FitBit Steps

Wednesday = work day, and I was happy to discover that even though a library job could be a sedentary job, I’m on my feet enough, and walking around, to record more than 10,000 steps (a daily goal) on my FitBit.



Back to Burn for BODYPUMP. Love love love these strength-training workouts.

Day 13: MOI Cycle/TRX & Spa of the Rockies Massage

Today’s double-whammy featured a super-sweaty combo fitness class at Burn: about 30 minutes of MOI Cycle spin class with 30 minutes of TRX Suspension Training. In the afternoon, a treat from my mom visiting from California, who loves spa treatments as much as I do: 60-minute deep-tissue massage at Glenwood Hot SpringsSpa of the Rockies.

Day 14: 10,000 FitBit Steps

Saturday brought a road trip to Castle Rock, Colorado, for my daughter’s volleyball tournament. This meant four hours in the car, four hours at volleyball gym, dinner at the very tasty VistaVino Modern Grill, and an overnight at a budget chain hotel. Not to let my day escape without some semblance of wellness, I think I made a good choice for dinner by splitting a sausage and pepper crostini appetizer (one marinara-smothered slice of bread shared among four people!) and went for the vegetarian Roasted Vegetable Stack instead of the more calorie-laden Carbonara or Bolognese pasta dishes at this intimate Italian restaurant. And when we got back to our hotel, realizing I hadn’t hit 10,000 FitBit steps for the day, I hopped on the gym’s treadmill for a few minutes — no workoutwear needed, just got on at 9pm in my streetclothes. Gotta do what you gotta do to reach wellness goals!

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