Karlie Love is in the air. Sometimes it abruptly disappears into thin air. Not every couple can explain what happen to their passion and where everything started to go wrong. A breakup is something no one ever liked but it eventually becomes the only possible solution to move on. So don’t be distressed and just live through this. With the help of our gorgeous friends from Brides Stars, we have gathered four most common reasons for a breakup. Some of them are rather conventional while others might surprise you. Bear in mind that breaking up is not always a bad occasion!

The Atrophy of Feelings
Couples often find themselves trying to maintain lifeless passion. However disappointing it sounds, human feelings can occasionally vanish without any particular reasons. The main mistake here is to implement the experience of Dr. Frankenstein. Mary Shelly’s novel is by all means fictional. Trying to resurrect a dead feeling is nothing more than a tremendous waste of time. You may become your significant other’s best friend but you will not be lovers ever again. When the chemistry between two of you is lost, only a breakup can help you become happy.

The Love Affair
Yeah, you must have gone through this. If not, we will tell you how sexual infidelity can ruin great relationships. Cheating is a complex phenomenon. Explaining it would take much more than a short article. We should focus our attention on how it affects heterosexual relationships. First, the buzz around infidelity is much of an overreaction. People do not cheat that much as it is depicted in pop-culture and media. Second, we can barely remember the cases when couples were able to relive betrayals and become happy again. Unfortunately, this burden is heavier than we usually assume.

The Difference in Desires
Every human being has his or her own idea of how to live a life. Career ambitions rarely work in company with family-oriented life plans. When people meet and start dating, they not always discuss these thoughts. If they did, it would be easier to understand whether they match or not. You just cannot be together if you move in opposite direction! A partnership is always a team, where both teammates work together to achieve success. In the patriarchal society (which the Western world is), a man is generally perceived as a leader, but it is not necessarily so. The point is to cooperate on every single level.

The Sexual Incompatibility
Punch everyone who says sex is not an integrant part of relationships! Certainly, it is not the main course of your connection. Sex makes your feelings more accomplished and deeper. Yet, people do not match in bed from the start. Some couples have sex on their first date and then live happily ever after. Others get married being virgins and, thus, buy a pig in a poke. Even being on the same page in every sphere of life, people sometimes cannot get each other excited in bed. In this case, becoming friends is something you need to try. Losing a nice girl just because sex is not working out is sad, isn’t it?