There is no nanny without a nanny bag. This is what we prepare and grab when we leave for an adventure outside when we go to the playground or to the doctor etc.

Because every position and child are different each nanny has to plan and prepare their bag tailored to the needs of the child they care for.

But there are everyday must-haves you should carry at all times in order to be prepared.


Water is one of the most important to carry in our bags. Dehydration is a real risk when kids playing outside especially during summer. Toddlers are enjoying running and playing with friends and they often forget about drinking while the play last. You must remind them often or ready to present a bottle when they finished and ask for a drink. Dehydration can have an effect on their balance, focus, weaken the immune system, and can cause mood issues. So always carry fluid in your nanny bag. During winter put some warm water or tea in a thermal bag.

2. Phone and emergency contacts

Needless to say that anything can happen while we are spending time outside. Make sure your phone is fully charged, have all important contacts (parents, relatives, emergency services, school, taxi) in the phone or written down.

3. Tissue paper and wipes

Wet wipes are essential for children of any age aren’t only needed for changing diapers. Use them to clean nose, hand or any body parts after a fall, clean of dirty toys that fall on the ground, you can also use for cleaning hands when no sinks are around before and after eat or when the play is finished. And it comes handy before and after toilet too.

4. First Aid Pack

Don`t go without one. Better to be ready to treat then to hold back the child. So let them run and jump, and if they were unlucky, you can apply a quick first aid. Also, there is a high chance that another child will get injured on the playground then you can save the day with your first aid kit.