We all want a business that runs on auto pilot.  It should be simple, right?  Unfortunately, we must work hard in the beginning to build an unstoppable business.

So what can we do to create that kind of business right now?  There are 4 steps I outline below.

I’m not going to tell you they are easy steps, but utilizing all four will, in essence, get you there faster.

Need For Speed

You may believe slow and steady wins the race, and in almost everything else that’s true.  But if you want to build a business with momentum, you need speed.

Crawling along like a tortoise does not create momentum.  Sure, it will get you there eventually.  But let me ask you:  Do you want eventually or do you want now?

The speed of the leader determines the speed of the team.  If you are growing and changing and creating systems for your team to follow, they are going to do the same.

Do You Know It’s Right?

The next thing you need to have is conviction.  You have to know 1000% your products are the best products, your opportunity is the best opportunity.  That’s it.  There’s nothing else like it out there on the planet.

Once you believe that with all your heart, it will shine through to everyone you speak to, everyone who reads your content, everyone who sees your videos.

And if you believe it, your team will believe it.

How do you grow that belief?  First, you need to be a product of the product.

Second, you need a vision, a goal.  You need to see that vision every day whether you have a dream board or you utilize visualization.  I personally recommend using visualization.

When you take ten minutes every day and visualize yourself having already achieved your goal, your dream, it does something inside.  It creates belief.  It creates desire.  It creates confidence.

When you sit and you can…

… see it

… taste it

… feel it

… smell it

… your brain will start to believe it has already happened.

Then an amazing thing happens.  Your brain will already “know” what to do.  It will unlock something inside that has been kept hidden.

If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

Life happens…

… overwhelm sets in…

… activities build up…

… and then you become paralyzed.

I know that feeling well.  Sometimes I would sit here not knowing what to do because there was so much to do!

Creating a daily method of operation of the income producing activities you need to do on a daily basis will stop that from happening.

I know people who plan their schedule to the minute.  I can’t possibly do that, but I do have checklists.

It’s too easy to “forget” or let things slide without one.

The biggest positive to having a DMO is it creates consistency.  Consistency is the key to momentum.  Momentum exists only with consistency and speed.

Consistency is extremely important in your business.

“Mom, He’s Copying Me!”   Good!

The last thing an unstoppable business needs is a duplicatable system.

In order to have momentum within your team, they need to be able to do what you’re doing.

Creating a duplicatable system means you can bring someone onto the team and they can pick up and run using your system.

The thing you need to remember is this system should be duplicatable even for the newbie.  Learning all these really cool things doesn’t mean your team will know how to do them.

They should be very simple steps they need to take on a daily basis to create consistency – and ultimately momentum – in their businesses.

Having this duplicatable system in place allows our team and the new members they bring in to utilize these exact steps WITHOUT Mark and I having to do everything for them.

I’m sure if you have a team, you’ve trained each one of them on a 1-on-1 basis.  Wouldn’t it have been much simpler to have a training page to direct them to instead?

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