The world of a parent is vastly different than someone who has not procreated. Our lives revolve around our little ones, not the other way around. So people with out kids, here is some things to consider about your friends with kids.


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Babysitters Don’t Grow on Trees

As much as we would love to drop everything and head out to meet you for happy hour, that’s not happening right now. Parents need advance notice to secure childcare and please keep in mind that reliable and trustworthy babysitters are hard to come by. So, next time we would appreciate you planning an outing with us in advance because we don’t think that the bar staff would be very happy with us trekking our babies and strollers into the establishment. We promise we will add it to our Google calendars and make every valiant effort to be in attendance.

Why We Don’t Return Your Texts
We promise that we like you and want you to be a part of our lives. It’s just that now your role has taken on a different meaning because we have small children. And those small children run the show. Somewhere in between chasing down the toddler to change their diaper, and soothing the crying baby, we received your text, quickly skimmed it, and immediately got bombarded with parenting-related tasks. When we say that we forgot about it until two weeks later, we weren’t lying. Please don’t be offended or take it personally. We love you, we do, but we are busy trying to keep our heads above water. Throw us a life raft, and forgive us!

Having Pets is Not Akin to Parenthood
Trust me. We had a dog long before we became human parents, and while one can argue that how you love and care for your pets is similar to the love you possess for your children, it’s not quite the same as being the guardian of your own species. Understandably, you may consider your loyal companions to be part of the family, however, the responsibilities, time, and effort needed to raise animals as opposed to people is nowhere along the same lines. Not only are we nurturing our children’s biological needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter, we are also ensuring that we foster a bright future by providing education and experiences that are not afforded to those in the animal kingdom. Continue to tell us how exhausted you are because your puppy won’t stop tearing up the house or complete an oratory comparing house training to potty-training. We will smile and nod and sympathize, because being a pet parent isn’t a walk in the dog park, either.
We are More than “Just Parents”

Remember the good old days when we partied ‘til the wee hours of the morning? Oh, we’re still up, it’s just that now we are feeding a baby, or tending to a sick child, not dancing the night away at the hottest night club. Times have certainly changed, responsibilities have been added to our work load, but we are more than just parents. We have wants, needs, and desires the same as we had as childless people. Don’t box us in a corner or write us off. Don’t feel bad for us when we cancel plans, and please don’t assume that we envy your lifestyle. Your freedom? Maybe. We would like to use the bathroom alone for once; but we also wouldn’t trade these precious moments for anything we used to have or could have if we never had children. Being a parent is a time-consuming role that we love more than anything, but we also want you to see that we are still here, we can still be friends, just in different capacities, and on different timing.