Show-stopping necklaces, artfully crafted earrings, and signature ring designs – while buying high-quality jewelry has traditionally taken place in exclusive retail stores, discerning customers now have more options. Jewelry shoppers were once limited in terms of selection, quality, price and sales channels. Finding a specific design could mean traveling to numerous stores, with no guarantee of success.

The Internet and the ability to create relationships with top manufacturers has changed all that. Today, it’s possible to shop direct and enjoy access to cutting-edge designs without the hassle of dealing with a “middle man.” The following are four of the top reasons buying direct from the manufacturer is superior to shopping at a chain jewelry store:


1. Quality: When you buy from the manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about chain stores trying to increase their profit.

When you buy from a manufacturer, you will be receiving pieces directly from the business responsible for crafting the items from scratch. Whether it’s a gold ring or a unique lariat necklace, manufacturers are far more likely to stand by the quality of their goods, as opposed to a reseller from a chain jewelry store.

Resellers often represent a range of manufacturers and may not be intimately familiar with each product line. When you create a relationship directly with a manufacturer, it increases your chances of connecting with a quality piece at a fair cost.


2. Price: When you buy from a chain store, the product has been marked up several times to increase profits at every level.

The reality of the retail market is that most stores receive their products from a manufacturer or wholesaler. In both cases, the product is marked up, usually from 30 to 50 percent. However, you might be shocked to find out that many jewelry stores mark up their jewelry an average of 300 percent – and in some cases up to 1000 percent!

While it’s understandable that businesses are looking to make a profit, this results in an unnecessary inflation of the price paid by the consumer. You can avoid overpaying by shopping direct with a jewelry manufacturer.


3. Convenience: Buying online from the manufacturer means not having to go to several stores to find what you want.

Let’s face it: shopping at physical brick and mortar stores is in many cases considered “the old fashioned way.” The Internet has opened up a world of options for consumers, giving them variety and buying power that wasn’t available before. The convenience of buying direct from a jewelry manufacturer is a much easier, more hassle-free experience. Plus, some manufacturers offer perks such as free shipping to your door, free gift packaging, and satisfaction guaranteed.


4. No Pushy Salesmen: You decide what you want on your terms, no sketchy sales tactics trying to force you into a purchase.

One of the most annoying things about walking into a chain jewelry store is being immediately accosted by pushy salespeople. When shopping with the manufacturer, you call the shots. You will not be pressured into any purchase, and you are free to take as much time as you need before making your final decision.


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