Are you tired of smelling that old paint on your walls? What about the dark patches on your floor? Are you dreaming about a stainless marble floor and bright walls? Do not worry; it is normal for many people to want to renovate. Regardless of whether you own your place or renting out an apartment, the house improvement itch bites us all, and we feel the need to do some repairs and make our homes a better place.

However, hit the pause button for a minute, think, does your wallet sound like it shares your opinion? Remember some projects protect your wallet more than others. Here are some tips to help turn your dwelling place into a “home’.

Replacing the front door   

Let's be honest; the front door is the first thing that creates an impression immediately a guest arrives at your house. On top of that, the front door creates an allure to the rest of the world about the whole inside of the house. Did I also mention the much loss of energy when you're opening the old tired door? Do you want to improve your home? Start with that door to transform the look and feel of your house. Above the fact that it improves your home look tremendously, replacing the front door is relatively cheap and could yield a 75% return on the value of the house in case you want to sell it.

New siding   

Today's vinyl siding, unlike ten years ago incorporates newer qualities among fade resistant finishes and transferable lifetime warranties i.e. in case you sell the house before the warranty expires the new owner still has a claim on the warranty. On top of the siding promising an 83% return in value in case you decide to sell the house, it serves as an excellent way to improve your home and give it a facelift and make it feel warmer than the typical siding.

For those looking for quality on top of beauty, the fiber cement siding is the siding to consider. One look at the fiber cement siding screams quality in all ways. Who doesn't want to feel like they live in a quality house? I thought so.

Kitchen upgrades       

We are not asking you to make your kitchen like those dream kitchens posted on the internet, we're talking about a minor, modest kitchen to make you feel pleasant when you're going about making breakfast or going through the fridge. To improve the kitchen first take care of the floor, while soft marble is ideal for the living room, it's not so much on the kitchen floor, you could use broken tiles to avoid accidental slips and use soft mats on the floor to reduce the damage caused by fallen kitchen ware.

To improve the kitchen does not mean the removal of cabinets and countertops, it just means replacing the old beat up appliances and setting up new tops and modern appliances at a cost-effective rate. Upgrading the kitchen is relatively modest regarding capital, but the effect is tremendous.

Turn that attic into a bedroom       

Forget the monsters in the attic movies, attics save on space and improve convenience without having to extend the blueprint of your house. Need more space? It's time to reconsider some more space upstairs. On top of being highly convenient, attics provide some form of comfort and privacy for the rest of the house.

Get a new garage door   

Imagine the energy and frustration when you're opening that old creaky garage door that keeps getting stuck when you're late for work. A new garage door gives a boost and appeal to your home on top of making you feel comfortable when using it or having some friends over for some drinks in the garage. Get in touch with us for more information.