Intuit’s QuickBooks Point of Sale is the most useful software program, which is intended for business owners in managing of sales and inventory. You can also use it to ring up the sales of products and to check how much stock you have left instantly. This program is mainly designed to work as an alternative to the old-style cash register, and its function alongside other accounting software. It makes much simpler to calculate the inventory, and when it’s logged into the software, all changes automatically update the inventory status. If you still have any queries, call QuickBooks support number to get resolved several questionnaires.

  1. Open your QuickBooks Point of Sale program and choose the ‘New Item’ for the ‘Inventory’ tab on the main menu. Type the information for each item that you need to include and are adding to the list. Define the object to the department, which belongs, the subject’s name and other correct information about it, including brand name, size, color, and so on. Also, you need to upload a photo of the item.
  2. Stipulate the item’s quantity that you have now in stock. After adding the product, QuickBooks Point of Sale will update each time for the item when you sell. It also lets you make a reminder for reorganizing when the quantity falls to the different level.

Note: - The QuickBooks customer service email address is the best way to report your errors or issues you have associated with it.

  1. Add all details of the item price and the order cost manually. The item value will apply to the item sales, and the order cost will aid you to manage loss and profit whenever you have to refill the inventory for the thing. Save the details once you add every item. If you’re unable to keep the details, it can cause in losing everything you have applied.
  2. Keep adding information about every inventory item. When you have added all the details that you need to include, click the ‘Item List’ under the ‘Inventory’ tab. This step will let you see the total elements in the list and allow you to make any changes.
  3. Choose the Reports from the ‘Reports’ tab on the main menu, and then select ‘Items.’ It will let you check inventory reports. Collect the report that you need to check, and click the ‘View Report’ option. You can also change the reporting times that you need to see by choosing the ‘Modify Reports’ option.

More so, try to save several details as you add them. Remember to keep every inventory item individually to make sure that you don’t misplace any of the details that you have inserted into the inventory list. However, if you have  lost any information, you can call QuickBooks support number to get them recovered.

If you require reordering an item, then click the ‘Reminders’ to review the items list and then click the item twice. If you experience any difficulties or challenges while using the QuickBooks Point of Sale for inventory management, avail the professional support either via the Dial QuickBooks customer service email address or by the phone number that helps you get quick solutions.