When websites are studied to learn about successful design principles, high-returning content, and effective site navigation, everyone seems to focus on mainstream websites.

And while there’s nothing wrong with these sites, chances are, you’re in a more unique niche. That’s why we want to look at five examples of popular websites in unusual niches to provide more value to entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to know how to thrive in less common areas.

  1. Girl With a Camera

Photography websites are notoriously difficult to get right. There’s always the issue of balancing images with text in order to enjoy the benefits of both. Far too many photographers only go with images and, therefore, miss out on traffic because their SEO presence is so poor. Not only that, they fail to properly engage visitors once they’re on the site.

Girl With a Camera gets things right. The site is simple, yet immersive. It features a healthy balance of images and text, telling a story with each photo shoot. Distractions are kept to a minimum and the simple responsive design creates consistency.

  1. Safer STD Testing

There’s something incredibly challenging about being able to engage people in a niche that’s taboo or unusual. If the topic is sensitive, you have to be careful not to offend anyone or cross over the proverbial line.

The Safer STD Testing website is a case study in how to create a compelling website in an uncommon niche. The site uses a professional layout and gentle copy to establish trust with site visitors – something that many have failed at over the years.

  1. Fubiz Media

You may assume that it would be easy for artists to design websites, but the opposite is actually true. Because they’re so accustomed to creating things outside the context of the internet, they often fail to account for the things that internet users are looking for in web browsing experiences.

Fubiz Media does what few artistic websites are able to do. It uses a clean layout, without looking like just another cookie cutter website. It has little artistic elements that set the site apart and delight an eclectic group of visitors.

  1. JM&Sons

Local artisans have long struggled with the ideal way to reach the masses without watering down their brand image. They want to hold onto the elements of their businesses that have made them successful, while still being marketable to the masses.

JM&Sons – a team of woodworkers and designers – has successfully discovered the perfect balance in the form of a simplistic website with high-resolution imagery. As a result, they’ve been able to keep their customers loyal while simultaneously reaching a new market.

  1. Bottle Cutting Inc.

Over the past couple of years, there’s been a rise in the number of websites selling strange and gimmicky products. UncommonGoods.com has led the way, but smaller niche sites are emerging as well. Because these products are so specialized, website designers have to do an exceptional job of proving value.

Bottle Cutting Inc. is a great example of an uncommon brand that’s been able to reach a fairly large niche through the creation of a compelling website that’s centered around high quality images and social proof. It’s definitely a case study in selling customers on products they aren’t familiar with.

Finding Your Own Style

There’s nothing easy about developing a successful website that’s both functional and attractive. It’s even more challenging when you’re in an unconventional niche.

However, the five examples in this article do a good job of exposing techniques and showing that it’s possible to try something new without turning people away.