Christmas is a time for togetherness, fireside glows and joy abundantly… however, for working mothers and fathers around the world, it is also a time of deadlines, stress and the inevitable realization that you may have to work from home – even while on your “vacation.” If you are finding yourself in the middle of the work and family dance, here are 5 ways to work through the holidays… without quite so much work.

Make Time for More “Merry” While Managing Everything on the Go… From One Interface.

Running a business around the holiday table never goes over well with the family. In fact, it is a great way to get on your family’s naughty list and wind up with a really terrible gift next Christmas. Avoid getting a presidential Chia Pet with Sky Boss, an innovative software that makes it easy and quick to operate your business from home… without having to run all over the web, miss holiday traditions or waste time logging in to multiple accounts just to keep things running. From payments and financial musts to tracking technicians and dispatching in real-time, you can work from home just as efficiently, if not more efficiently, than at the office.

However, what makes Sky Boss so amazing is not only what it can do, but that the software has customizable interfaces that make startup painless. Simply choose your industry and start from there. No programming. No hassle. Just getting stuff done…. And leaving plenty of time left over to do stuff you ACTUALLY want to do.

Have a Happier Holiday with Hootsuite and Manage to be Social at Home… While Handling Company Social Campaigns.

If you are part of your company’s social media marketing staff or if you have a small business and essentially ARE your company’s social media marketing staff, you simply cannot make it through the holidays without Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to manage and post from each of your company’s social accounts without having to individually hassle with them. If you have ever gotten a case of password-rage while having to complete back-to-back log-ins on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest… then you know how much of a time-saver and mood-saver this concept could be.

And as an added hack, don't forget to automate all of those emails and workflows for your marketing and lead generation by using a software like Salesfusion.

Get Holiday Help without Ever Sitting Down Your Hot Chocolate.

You need help making extra time for family… temps need help making extra money for theirs. Boomsource creates a win/win holiday experience that allows you to source out jobs like customer care (which is in full swing for Christmas gifting), virtual services and accounting help… among others service, freeing you up to be FREE.

If the name sounds familiar, it is probably because it is. Boomsource has received extensive praise from big-business giants like Forbes, The Atlantic, KSL and even INC., the leading magazine for business professionals. The company says its main goal is to “decrease spend while sky rocking profitability.” Hourly rates start at just $8 an hour.

Create Wonder with Website and Application Creations and Upgrades.

You need only look at OfficeMax’s epic Elf Yourself to know that holiday release websites and apps can be wildly beneficial to building your brand and brand story. Now, like other companies, yours may be feeling the pressure of creating something new and amazing for the New Year. After all, the competition will no doubt be feeling the pressure too.

The problem is that getting new websites and applications all ready for holiday and New Year’s release also means working through the holidays to make it happen. Keep a leg up on the competition with Dot Com Development, a web and application design company who does all the design work for you, while still working closely with you to achieve exactly what you want to achieve for your unique brand and audience.

Make Leisure Work for You and Get More Out of Family Time.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, modern families have less than one hour a day to spend together. This makes days off during the holidays feel even more important, especially to the children and spouses of those with high-demand careers. Meanwhile, the parent or spouse who holds the high-demand position is not only feeling the pressure of getting work done, but also feeling the guilt and stress of not being able to spend more time with their families. First things first, remember that your family is not asking for all your time. It does not have to be all or nothing and even small efforts count big.

If you must work during family time, make this time work for you, your family, your business and your audience. As you each gather round the fire and the individual glows of your NookBooks, get in some holiday quiet time together while simultaneously getting your social posts done for the day. Buffer allows you to share useful articles across the board for each of your social networks. Your family gets the time they crave. You get the enjoyability of togetherness and extra downtime. Your readers and business benefit from the things you already wanted to read in the first place. Win/ win.


The holidays are all about togetherness and while the digital age has changed how much we work, it can also help us change how hard we work. From creative tech solutions to staying connected in new, modern ways, technology helps us to constantly evolve the dance between work and family. However sometimes nothing beats simply saying “no” to work and “yes” to a marathon of It’s a Wonderful Life. Hey, ‘tis the season.