The entrepreneur journey can be rocky, and if you aren't prepared you can find yourself giving up your dreams when the road gets rough. These 5 keys to success will keep you motivated and inspired as you travel your entrepreneur journey:

1. Know WHY You're Doing What You're Doing 

In his revolutionary TED Talk, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action", Simon Sinek explains how the most successful companies not only knows what they are doing and how to do it, but more importantly WHY they are doing it. Having a clear vision for your company will keep you going even when your entrepreneur journey gets rough. SLC Custom Packaging is a great example of a company that knows "why" they formed their company.

2. Know How to Communicate Your Vision

In addition to knowing your "why", it's important to be able to communicate your vision to your employees, clients and customers. Employees and customers not only want to know what you offer, but the greater purpose behind your services and products. The Real Estate Institute of Canada and PF Suites are excellent examples of companies that clearly communicate their vision on their websites.

3. Create a Culture Around Your Why 

Your company's culture is its voice in the marketplace. Having a clearly defined culture can set you apart from your competition, just like IntouchInsights and Oseco have done in their respective fields.

4. Create a Daily Method of Operation for Your Success

Consistent, daily action can go a long way in your entrepreneurial journey. Figure out which daily actions will have the greatest impact on your business growth and commit to putting those actions above all other distractions each day. Foxtail Marketing preaches this to their employees and encourages agile marketing methodoligies as well as daily sprints to get their personal growth and client tasks completed.

5. Fall in Love with the Process 

As an entrepreneur it is essential that you fall in love with the process of achieving your goals and stop focusing only on the results. Trust the habits and actions you take daily will lead you to the results you're looking for, even if you can't see them right away.