When it comes to being a superhero, there are many perks to the job. Superpowers might be the first thing that comes to mind, but having a hidden lair is something that anyone can aspire to create. Not everyone can have mystical powers, be able to fly, or save the day, but anyone can build themselves a great lair. Here are five of the best superhero lairs in history to use as inspiration for your own hidden headquarters.

1) The Batcave

Bat Man Begin Secret Passageway

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Whether you are a fan of the comic books, the original TV show, any rendition of the movies, or even the new Gotham series, there is one constant and that is Wayne Manor. The idea that somewhere hidden inside an old grandfather clock or among the walls of a stately library is a hidden door that leads to Batman’s secret command center has amazed people for ages. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of a series of tunnels or caves mixed with high tech gear and transportation? The Batcave is the epitome of symbolism for who Batman is, just as Wayne Manor is the perfect symbol of who Bruce Wayne is.


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2) Sanctum Sanctorum

SanctumSanctorumWhile Dr. Strange is a comic book super hero that has yet to have the commercial success that others in the Marvel Universe (although that will soon change), he certainly is known for an interesting and mystifying lair. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City, it is a brownstone that is home to Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. The building is considered to be magically “alive” and the layout of the space can change without warning. It seems to be much bigger on the inside, and has a definite air of mystery surrounding it.


3) X-Mansion

X-MansionThe X-Mansion was once the ancestral home of Professor X (Charles Xavier), and is the place where teenage mutants are protected, taught, and trained prior to becoming X-Men themselves. To the outside world, it is often known as Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters or the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. With things like the Danger Room for training and the Cerebra Chamber (a telepathic computer used to find other mutants), it is a place with some killer hidden features. Additionally, it is rumored that the basketball court opens up to reveal an aircraft hangar.


4) The Green Arrow Bunker

Picture of Green Arrow Bunker from the TV series The Green Arrow

Photo Courtesy of CW

After years of being a lesser-known superhero, the Green Arrow has gained in popularity over the last few years due to the highly successful Arrow TV series. While Oliver Queen may follow in the footsteps of other superheroes by growing up in a mansion of epic proportions, he has yet to use it as his lair. However, his Bunker has found a variety of places to call home.

The Bunker has been found anywhere from a hidden lair in the basement of his nightclub, to a short residence hidden within Palmer Technologies, to an updated and high-tech bunker in the basement of Oliver Queen’s campaign headquarters. The man in the green hood always finds a place to rest his arrows no matter how many times he has to move.. It is here Team Arrow trains in the art of taking down villains without the use of deadly force (when possible), and works together to track down the bad guys.



The Tardis

Courtesy of BBC

Not many people can claim that their secret lair is actually a sentient time-travelling spaceship disguised as a police call box. Most people are also not alien Time Lords like the Doctor himself. Featured on both the BBC television series and in comic books, Doctor Who’s Tardis can seem bigger on the inside compared to the outside, and is able to take the Doctor to where/when he needs to go to protect civilizations and help people in need.



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