Whether a person is living fast and furiously or is settled into an assisted living situation, we all experience stress. If hearing about how stress is going to kill you has got you stressed out, then you are about to get a breath of fresh air. Take a deep breath, calm down and embrace the glorious condition of stress and make it work for you.

#1. The Bucket List

Do you know why bucket lists work to move people into action? Because death stress is a great motivator. But don't wait until tragedy strikes. Organize a bucket list now. A list of goals to achieve within a certain time frame will keep you motivated. Stop saying, "I'll sign up as a volunteer at the local food bank when I have time." Put it on the list and MAKE time.

#2. Achieve & Succeed

Do you despair that your dream will never come true because the stress of taking a risk keeps you in a safe place? Start with a baby step forward. Soon, immersed in your passion, stress can carry you into a heightened state of action that results in what mental health experts call "eustress". This is when the creative juices are flowing and you become like a superhero capable of achieving anything.

#3. Resiliency

Rather than sulk in the corner because you got passed over for promotion, find out what it was that set a colleague apart from the pack. Put on your big person pants and take steps down that same path. Stress can help you bounce back big from disappointment.

#4. The Smart Factor

If stress kills your appetite, no worries. Fasting is a good thing. So, face that challenge. Do your homework. Delve into research. Push up your shirtsleeves. Perform hours of preparation. Stress can stimulate brain power and boost memory abilities. In other words, stress makes you smarter.

#5. It's All In The Mind

According to definitive medical research, the negative effects of stress are all controlled by our mind.  If we make the decision to embrace stress as a motivator, good things can happen. When the fight or flight instinct kicks in, stand your ground. Things are probably not nearly as bad as you think.