Facebook is buzzing with over 1 billion active users engaging in this social platform daily. It’s one of the best networks to execute and achieve your marketing goals. From boosting brand awareness, growing followership, and interacting with your target audience, Facebook can be a valuable asset in your entrepreneurial journey.

It’s also the perfect channel to increasing your subscriber list, being a solid source for lead generation. You see, growing your email list is the lifeline to your business. More leads allow greater opportunities to fill your sales funnel with quality prospects that convert into buying customers. The advantage to capturing leads from Facebook is that they’re targeted, have a relationship with your brand, and are more likely to be responsive to your email marketing.

The goal in this guide is to offer ways to bolster your lead generation strategy using Facebook tactics. The following illustrates five tips that you can implement now to improve your lead goals.


#1 Use Live Video to Your Advantage with Facebook Live

Live-streaming video is the new phenomenon on social media, quickly capturing attention and engaging audiences. In fact, people spend 3 times longer watching live video compared to one that's pre-recorded. Brands like Oseco have used social video to show followers how they test certain products to take their audience backstage. This is a winning tactic to give followers a true taste of your brand.

The beauty about Facebook Live is that these videos automatically play in your followers’ newsfeed. You can use this tool to expand on your latest blog post, host a Q&A session where your viewers can ask you questions in real-time, or take your audience behind the scenes to a live event.

You can easily capture leads by giving a compelling offer (like an eBook or video series) to viewers when they leave their email address in the comments below the video. Give a clear call-to-action during your live broadcast and don’t forget to remind them to confirm the opt-in when they receive your initial email.


#2 Publish Landing Pages Especially for Your Facebook Audience

Creating landing pages that are exclusive to your Facebook audience is extremely effective in boosting lead conversions because its specific, relates to a content offer you’re promoting, and it speaks to this audience. Having multiple landing pages for your different social media networks and content offers is a good practice to bolstering your overall lead generation strategy. The more landing pages you have, the more favorable your lead results (with adequate promotion, of course)

Here are a few tips to publishing landing pages for your Facebook marketing:

  • Leverage images and videos that relate to the content to boost SEO and site experience
  • Your landing page headline and social media post content should be congruent
  • Target keyword phrases that your audience is actively searching for
  • Give a strong CTA that gives exact direction on what to do next
  • Be sure your landing page details one offer to keep it focused.  Sell the benefits they’ll receive in return for opting into your list
  • Test variations of your landing page to discover which is generating better returns


#3 Follow Your Followers Using Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting, or remarketing, is a paid strategy where you place a tracking code on your website that will set a tracking snippet or cookie on the browser of those who actually visit your website. With this, your ad content will now “follow” your recent visitors wherever they go online.  Retargeting is incredibly successful in keeping your brand in the forefront long after people leave your site (or ad).

Facebook retargeting allows you to create custom audiences and tailor content specific to them for better responsiveness.  It’s simple to implement and highly cost-efficient. Having this strategy constantly running is suggested to maximize traffic and attract consistently new leads to your sales funnel.


#4 Promote Your Blog Content on Social

A big tactic to building credibility on social media is by sharing valuable blog content. Your blog is an excellent tool to publish content that helps your followers solve problems, be informed and inspired. IntouchCheck, for example, has an amazing blog for their prospective and current customers that would perform well on social media because it resonates with their intended audience.

Facebook is a solid platform to post your blog article. The more quality content you share, the more you’ll position your brand as a thought-leader and authority in your industry.

How does this translate to building your leads list? By strategically optimizing your content, you can convert your blog into a lead generation machine and capture new visitors that land on your page. Anchor text-based CTAs, inline download webforms, and popups are all proven strategies to grow your email subscribers with your blog. As you drive traffic from Facebook, you’ll have another tool to obtain their contact information.


#5 Be Super Clear on the Audience You're Targeting

The prerequisite to any of these tactics working (or even your entire content marketing strategy for that matter) is having a clear understanding of your target audience and who you’re marketing to. This means knowing their pains, problems, challenges, goals, and what keeps them up at night. Sites like RealConnex clearly illustrate their intended audience and revolve their content around reaching this market.

When you have clarity on your audience, your social media posts will be more effective because you’re sharing content that speaks to their interests.

Developing buyer personas is the best technique to identifying your ideal customer to attracting quality prospects to your business. It will guide you in your content creation, helping you to keep your audience top of mind in everything you do on Facebook.



Facebook is a great platform to strengthen your lead generation strategy. Choose 1-2 of these tactics and test to see which resonates better with your target audience. As you remain consistent, not only will you experience a growth in your email subscribers, but also a boost in your social media presence and influence.