6 Decorating Tips for Your City’s Next Festival or Party

Successful city festivals and events can have a large economic impact on the surrounding region. Even in small towns, a festival or party can bring in millions of dollars of revenue to vendors inside and outside of the event. A small art festival in a town of 18,000 in Mississippi, for example, brought in more than
13 million dollars in revenue across a single weekend. Beyond the vendors and activities, a solid focus on immersive decorations attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to citywide events. You can increase the success of your city’s next festival or party with the following six smart decorating tips.

1. Set the Mood at the Entryway

To ensure your visitors have the time of their lives at your festival or party, you must set the mood at the entryway. The decorations you choose to adorn your entryway will help visitors feel excited about what awaits them inside the venue. The decorations should entertain your visitors as they wait in line to buy a ticket or enter the event space. Expertly placed lifelike statues are the perfect prop for the entryway due to their realistic features and quirky appearance. You can even make the statues work for you. Pick up a
themed butler statue holding a tray to hand out flyers and other event information to your guests.

2. Develop a Cohesive Color Scheme

Your event’s color scheme should be immediately apparent to your visitors and continue throughout your entire venue space. Since colors have an overall effect on
emotion and mood, choose your hues carefully. The color red, for example, inspires action and excitement, so it works well for high energy parties. Luxurious, extravagant events, on the other hand, may benefit from a color scheme revolving around purple hues. Pick your main color, and then use a color wheel to pick one to two complementary or tertiary colors to complete the hue selection process.

3. Create Unique Photo Stops

A big part of the fun in going to festivals and events is the opportunity to take exciting photos to share. In fact, up to
18 billion photos are shared across social media channels every day. You can utilize handcrafted statues to inspire your visitors to hold their very own impromptu photo sessions with friends and family. Make sure the statues match the theme of your event or the surrounding vendor booths. As the photos inevitably spread across social media, the number of visitors coming to your event will surely increase due to the way images attract attention. As explained by BrightEdge CEO, Jim Yu, “Images cut through the clutter as they appeal to us on a sensory level. Humans are programmed to find visuals appealing.”

4. Focus On Flattering Lighting

If you plan to have your party or festival continue on past sundown, invest in good quality lighting that provides a flattering backdrop. Your lighting should highlight the vendor booths, decorative elements and walkways for your guests. You can also pick up ground level spotlights to illuminate your lifelike statues and continue the photo op fun. Use multi-level lights in bright white hues to allow visitors to continue to take flattering photos well into the night.

5. Bring Large Displays to Life

Make your décor stand out even more by creating cute, funny or outright engaging backstories for your characters. You can place a small sign sharing the backstory at the foot of your lifelike statue. Give the statues fun names to allow visitors to set these elements as places to meet or find each other throughout the venue. You can even lead visitors through the venue by using the statues to create a fun scavenger hunt type game. Give your visitors a sheet of elements to find and write down for a small prize at one of your sponsor’s vendor booths.

6. Provide Whimsical Seating

When people spot whimsical seating options, they are more likely to visit the associated vendor and make a pit stop in that location. For an ice cream vendor, you might want to set up tables and chairs modeled after these sweet treats. Take your décor to the next level with themed garbage cans, menu boards and hanging displays that catch the eye and delight passersby. Dress up your benches and other seating areas by adding lifelike sitting statues to one end as another photo op location for your visitors.

Planning the Decorating Process

As you plan your event in advance, choose the handcrafted statues, whimsical seating options and other decorations you will use at your city’s festival or party. You can purchase the statues you need from
Butlers and Signs by calling the team at 318-939-2262 or navigating to the website. You can find life size statues of animals, people, food, cars and dinosaurs that will fit your party or festival theme. While at the site, browse through the clearance offerings to work a few extra event décor elements into your budget.