Instagram is one of the most visually valuable social media networks available today. As you take into consideration all of the social media sites available to build your brand, don’t overlook the value of Instagram. For example, this infographic shows that, while Facebook has seen a 63 percent drop in organic marketing since 2012, Instagram has experienced a 115 percent improvement during that same timeframe.

Properly managing your brand on Instagram means creating visually stunning content that tells a story and engages your audience right away. writes, “If you execute well, then your brand will be recognized immediately, even if a user only glances at an individual image in their stream.”

There’s a lot to love about Instagram as a brand. For example, in a white paper titled, “Simply Measured Q3 2014 Instagram Study,” the group found 73 percent of large brands post at least one photo or video a week on the site. That’s increased by 35 percent since 2012.

#1: Do Focus on Engagement

Keep this in mind when it comes to choosing where to place your business on social media. The average follower on Instagram is worth more, with directly linked orders valued at $65 on Instagram and only $55 on average on Facebook, according to a Shopify report. However, to achieve this, you need to engage with your audience.

According to a report by Simply Measured, “As activity among top brands grows, so does engagement. With more brands engaging larger audiences, more posts being published, and tactics becoming more sophisticated, users are becoming more receptive to brand content on the network, giving large brands a bigger return on their investment in the network.”

One of the easiest ways for generate more engagement on your organic instagram posts is to ask followers to “tag a friend” in the caption.

#2: Do Use the Link in Your Bio to Promote Specific Posts or Landing Pages

Head into your profile on the Instagram. When you get there, you’ll find the ability to change the website URL link in your bio. Change this to match the link you want your readers to actually visit. You can change this as often as you like. Be careful not to change it too frequently, though. If you change it too soon after your post, people might be clicking on it to find that they’re taken to a completely different place than they expected.

In this post, the company tells the reader specifically to click on the link in the bio. Update this link to move your followers where you want them to go.


#3: Do Find Your Niche and Be an Authority

Like any other social media platform, it’s valuable for brands to find their niche and then to really become the expert in it. Building a brand is all about getting your readers to recognize you whenever they think of a topic that’s related to the product you sell. They key is to get them to do this long before they actually see your ad.

Your Instagram posts can help with that. Ensure your photos are on point, within your industry, and they showcase your specific brand voice, image, and logo.

With thousands, if not millions of food blogs out there, to be competitive you need to find a niche and become the authority. A great example of a blog that did both is Budget Bytes. With the simple premise of creating delicious food on a budget and consistent Instagram posts, this little blog that could is now a contender.


#4: Do Try to Get Shared By Bigger Profiles

Getting your Instagram in front of others is important, but it’s not always an easy process. A good place to start is with creating unique, good-looking photos, under a consistent theme. When you have picked a theme you want the majority of your instagram posts to be about, search out other profiles that have created a following around that topic.

Follow these influencers and brand and like and share their posts with your audience. And tag them in relevant posts that your create.  Overtime you will be able to develop a cross-promotional relationship with these profiles, and they will share and like your posts in return. This strategy effectively helps extend your brand exposure on Instagram.

#5: Do Use Industry-Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a big deal, but they can also kill your post if you overdo it. Instead, choose industry-relevant hashtags, not just tags that you’ve created. A good way to find these hashtags is simply to use social media listening tools to help you create them. Know what your audience is looking for, and then use hashtags that drive that home.

#6: Do Use High-Quality Photos With a Consistent Style

Creating a brand image on Instagram is important and quite valuable. Consistency is quite important, though. Look for a way to balance the look, style, colors and overall image you create so it’s easy to tell what’s your content.

Take a look at these photos posted by Target. While each is different, they all have the same type of composition and clarity. While this is just one post, it shows how distinctive and clean this company’s posts tend to be.