Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Writing this ‘warm-up’ while still at the office. Four thirty and it’s still light out!

Anyway, today is Wednesday which means tomorrow is Thursday* And that means it time for zoe’s Six Sentence Story bloghop! This is where a prompt word is given and participants are asked to write a story that employs the word and is, in total, no more (or less) than six sentence in length.

This week the word is ‘Patient’

“Please remain on the line for the next available representative, be advised that your call may be recorded for re-straining purposes.”

The man stopped listening to the repeating song loop that he awoke to just an hour before, specifically (and repeatedly) the sexy voice of Pat Benatar announcing her intention to endure physical/emotional abuse at the hands of her partner, (the implication being that he/she would be unsuccessful and instead be abused by the abused), furrowed his eyebrows, and thought, ‘what did they just say?’

The hold tone music continued to play it’s repeated and just-short-of-a-melody-length sequence of notes; the man considered putting his phone on speaker so he could use both hands, but decided not to take the chance.

“We value your attention, please remain on the line, someone will be coming for you shortly,” for the second time, the man was startled out of his efforts to remain calm and patient, and looked across the bed at the end table closest to the door.

04:43:00 AM

Cool blue numerals began to blink, a 21st Century oracle standing before an otherwise dark cavern, enticing in it’s the promise of simplicity, which is almost always confused with desirability.

*hey! want a single question to ask a person that the answer they give will provide a sure insight into their predominant worldview? Ask: ‘How much is 2 plus 2?’

A roger and a scott will answer, simply and un-equivalently,** ‘Four’ A clark…. they will think about it. They might even ask for more information.

** yeah, a light rogerian expression