Laga Handbags | 7 Rules for Accessorizing your Handbag

A unique, hand-crafted purse or handbag instantly elevates your look, a stylish accessory that will catch everyone’s eye. Custom designed Laga handbags are essential accessories for your favorite outfits, from casual to formal events when you need to be picture-perfect. The Laga handbag is something truly special. All Laga purses and bags, including wallets and travel bags, are exquisitely hand stitched by women, Indonesian artisans, who were affected by the life-altering 2004 tsunami.

On December 26, 2004, an earthquake and deadly tsunami hit the coast of Southeast Asia, killing 185,000 alone In the province of Aceh, Sumatra. Roy van Broekhuizen led relief teams from California to the devastated area. When his wife Louise joined him for one of those relief trips, she visited a handicraft shop and discovered stunning handmade bags, stitched without electricity and embroidered with traditional Acehnese patterns.

Today, women worldwide can enjoy the beauty and artistry of these hand-crafted bags. Through the efforts of the van Broekhuizen’s, the Indonesian women who craft Laga handbags are rebuilding their lives after losing everything. These quality bags are diverse and easily become the key accessory for your favorite outfits.

We’ve put together 7 easy rules to consider when accessorizing your Laga handbag with a favorite outfit so it always looks fabulous.

  1. Coordinate Handbag with Shoes When Going Casual

When your go-to casual outfit is a pair of great-fitting jeans with a fitted tee, it’s all about the accessories to take the look from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s tempting to match your handbag to both your top and shoes. However, color-coordinating all three can create a bit of a matchy-matchy look that should be avoided, state style expert Bridgette Raes. Instead, when wearing black flats or boots with that casual outfit, choose a black with brown embroidery or black with grey embroidery Laga Besar handbag.

  1. Formal Dress Needs Clutch

When putting together a formal outfit it’s easy to focus on the jewelry as the main accessories. Don’t forget about the purse. A formal look needs a clutch bag, never a tote or hobo style as these are too casual for a special occasion. The clutch-style, Laga Uang Fold Wallet is classic and always in style when going formal.

  1. Cross Body Bag for Day Out

Nothing’s more fun than a day out sightseeing in a new city or just shopping with friends. Keep your hands free but valuables close with a stylish cross body bag. Cross body bags are comfortable and easy to use, making them the must-have accessory for vacations.

  1. Brighten Business Wear with Pop of Color

When your business attire consists of neutrals like black, grey, white, and brown, don’t be afraid to wake it up with a pop of color through the right accessory. The handbag is the perfect accessory to add color. The Damai handbag in burgundy with cream thread or royal blue with black thread easily brighten any business outfits.

  1. Light Outfit = Light Handbag

A lightweight blouse and slacks or summer sundress never should be weighed down by a heavy or cumbersome purse. Accessorize lighter outfits with a smaller style of handbag that still allows you to carry essentials but doesn’t look like you’ve packed for a week trip.

  1. Casual Tote Bag for Casual Outfit

Handbag accessorizing Rule 1 recommends matching your bag to shoes but not to your shirt. Now it’s time to think about the shape of the bag. The tote bag is a great accessory to complement a tunic, leggings, and boots as well as when wearing jeans and a team tee to cheer for your favorite team.

  1. Print Outfit Needs Monochromatic Handbag

Coordinating a beautiful print outfit with a solid color or monochromatic handbag always looks stylish and on-trend. Go for the Laga black with black embroidered handbag for an elegant and sophisticated accessory.

Accessorizing your favorite outfits with a hand-crafted Laga handbag means you’ll always walk out the door with a timeless, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. Discover all the Laga bags and accessories today at