Have you ever looked around at the people in a restaurant? What percentage of married couples to you think are on a "date" yet they are both silently staring at their smart phones? This is becoming a real phenomenon, and its a sad statement that spouses are more comfortable with their device, than each other.

Because of this we want to give you some suggestions for conversation starters for husbands and wives. Take some time to jot them down, or bookmark this page if you find them useful.

7 Useful Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives

1. How do you feel the kids are doing in school?

This is obviously just an ice breaker, bit it gets the conversation going. Sometimes that is the hardest part. Put your device away, and decide to engage in old fashioned conversation.

2. Tell me what you did at work today.

Here is another ice breaker, but notice that it is an open ended question that can't be answered with a yes or a no. Some thought will have to go into the response, other than "fine". Practice asking open ended questions like this if you want to improve your conversation skills.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?

This question is a little more creative because it stimulates the imagination. The world is a big place, and the idea of ​​running off together is romantic. Don't dismiss the question so quickly, dream a little together, and share your ideas too.

4. What is your favorite vacation memory of all time, and why?

This question brings back positive emotions from the past, when something great happened. Once you get the answer, explore it. Who was there, what was going on in the family at the time, how long ago was it?

5. What one thing do you really want to do this year?

This engages the mind in a creative but productive way. Most people have some idea of ​​something they would like to get done, or somewhere they are hoping to go this year. Maybe its' to visit that relative you have needed to visit for awhile, or perhaps a project that has been put off for too long.

6. If you could learn something new, what would it be?

This question also stimulates the imagination but in a self reflective way. Maybe you wish you could play a particular instrument, or learn a certain language, or take on a new skillset.

7. What one thing can we do this year that will have the biggest impact on our future?

This question casts vision on what up ahead in the marriage. It may be health related, or financial. This question has a lot of potential to open up an extensive conversation, that may have to be finished up another time. If so, make sure you come back to it, it could have a dramatic affect on your future together.

Conclusion: Hopefully this article on useful conversation starters for husbands and wives has been helpful.