Pinterest provides an opportunity to visually brand your company, products, or services. The company’s a very positive, motivating social media site (they’ve even created a special board about branding on their website). It’s a smaller organization, with 100 million active users, but it is quite different in terms of the content it can offer. What makes it most important in organic branding is that people using the social media tool regularly share.

The site is projected to see growth to reach nearly 30% of people using social networks in the US. That’s an important demographic reach for many companies selling products. Debra Aho Williamson at eMarketer states, “Pinterest users are likely to be in a better frame of mind to receive advertising. At the early stages of advertising on Facebook, users were much less inclined toward ads, and marketers were similarly skeptical.”

To achieve success, you need to create an effective branding campaign. Here’s what you need to do.

#1: Do Make It Clear Which Boards Contain Your Content

Organization matters. Ensure anyone who visits your Pinterest page can clearly see what’s on each board. You will likely have boards that contain your products and company info. But, you may also have boards that contain information from third parties or content you want to share that’s not directly related to your product. Clearly describe what’s on each of your boards.

Here’s Ben & Jerry’s people page:


#2: Do Fill Out Pin Descriptions

It seems so simple, but it is often overlooked by many using Pinterest for branding. Fill out the description for each Pin you create. What’s more, you should include keywords and hashtags, and it’s definitely worthwhile to include a call to action within the content as well. After all, you don’t want people to just view your products – you want them to buy them!

Notice the hashtags and call to action here? Who isn’t going to click to save money on this board?


#3: Do Be Inspired by Content You Find

Use the site. Get inspired by what other people are doing and creating. Even if they are not in the same product line or industry, how are they using Pinterest to grab the attention of their customers? It really is all about being as unique as you can be. And, it is in your best interest to also invest the time in finding out what your competitors are doing on the site. Are they creating more attractive, interesting boards than you have? Yes, it is a competition and one that you need to win with fresh ideas and interesting content.

#4: Do Find What’s Already Popular in Your Audience

Using Pinterest means engaging your audience. Get to know them. Find out what they are looking at outside of your company. You can do this by checking out their boards, too. By learning what’s popular with your audience, you can create more in-depth boards that create better results and interest more people.

Lowe’s isn’t just about hardware. It knows its customers are camping, building, and living. Its boards are a clear reflection of this:


Pantone is all about color. People who visit their page expect color:


Sony is all about electronics, but as you can see from this board, they’ve incorporated something else that’s important to their viewers:


#5: Do Get Your Profile Verified

Have you ever noticed the little checkmark next on the profiles of official brand accounts? That means that the Pinterest account has been verified. It only takes a few minutes of your time to have your profile verified by Pinterest. It creates important recognition on the site, and isn’t something you should avoid doing. You can do it by going to the Pinterest verification page, and following the guidelines.

#6: Do Use a Hidden Board to Save Content for Later

Pinterest allows you to create secret boards. These are only visible to you and any partners that you bring into the project. These are a fantastic way to hold Pins for later as well as a good place to work on collaborations. You can use them to store ideas, plan events, and have projects in the works. It gives you more time and organization.

#7: Do Join Community Board says joining community boards on Pinterest is a fantastic way to gain exposure. Tehmina Zaman of the site sites, “The more followers you have the more likely they (and their followers) are to see your content, repin your pins and click through to your website. This means more traffic to your site and potentially more subscribers, customers and clients.”