Effective marketing is the foundation of a thriving medical practice. With an increasing number of consumers turning to the internet for information on doctors, medical practice managers must design a marketing platform that enhances their practice’s online presence. In many cases, you can ramp up your marketing platform simply by showcasing your unique talents, tools, and patient care results. Below are eight effective strategies to achieve this through your medical practice marketing.

1) Promote medical specialties offered exclusively by your practice. Are you the only physician within a 30 mile radius who specializes in pediatric nephrology? Or maybe you are the only podiatrist who specializes in the correction of lateral ankle instability. If you or a physician in your practice has a unique area of focus, this should be promoted on the internet to attract consumers who conduct online searches for specialists in those areas. Below are some strategies to help promote unique medical specialties:


2) Highlight your investment in cutting edge medical devices. Perhaps your surgery center just purchased the latest ophthalmic microscope or a sophisticated MRI-Compatible anesthesia system. The introduction of cutting edge technology illustrates your commitment to patient care and helps to set your practice apart from the competition. Here are some ways to make patients aware of your latest medical device purchases:

  • Make sure your website includes a “Gallery” page where you can showcase photos of new devices
  • Let patients know about newly purchased devices through newsletters and social media posts
  • Post news about new technology on your website’s blog


3) Give your website a complete facelift. An impressive website serves as a home base for your marketing efforts. Your website has the power to help you generate leads, promote your medical services, educate your patients, and highlight your medical expertise. Accordingly, you should make sure that your website is properly updated. Below are some important steps to take when updating your website:

  • Ensure that your website is compatible with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Include high quality content that is helpful to patients and other consumers
  • Feature photos of your medical practice, staff, and procedure results
  • Make sure that prospective patients have a way of contacting you through your website
  • Evaluate your website regularly to update content and make sure pages load quickly


4) Use before and after photos to showcase your talents. An analysis of the online activity of patients seeking cosmetic surgery shows that there are more searches for before and after photos than any other variable. This means that potential patients often care more about how results look than price, office location, or physician experience. Here are some keys to remember when posting before and after photos:

  • Invest in a high quality camera and create a mini photo studio if you have the space
  • Eliminate shadows by always using a flash with your camera
  • Strive for consistency by using the same lighting, background, pose, and focal length with each photo
  • Reduce goose bumps by raising the temperature a bit in the room where you take photos
  • Take at least five photos before a procedure and five photos after the procedure
  • Invest in some high-quality physician headshots. Framing your talent in the best possible light is essential.


5) Promote your key services to primary care providers to attract patients in need of specialty care. Primary care physicians (PCPs) are a major referral source for physicians in other medical practices. Since the turn of the century, medical specialists have become increasingly dependent upon referrals from primary care doctors to grow their patient base. Below are a few was to capitalize on your relationships with primary care providers:


6) Attract new customers by offering a complimentary consultation or special. Sometimes prospective patients are reluctant to seek care from a new medical specialist. You can draw new patients and delight your existing patients by advertising a free consultation, discounted pricing, or free products and services. Here are some effective ways that medical practices can entice new and existing patients with special offers:

  • Cosmetic surgeons can offer a free consultation for Botox treatments
  • Post a $50 off coupon on your website, social media sites, or blog
  • Advertise incentives for patients who refer new people to your practice
  • Offer free skin products with the purchase of three microdermabrasion sessions


7) Create and regularly maintain a blog. Creating a blog is a great way to educate your patients and share exciting news about your practice. Your blog should be easy for visitors to find on your website and should contain content that is both interesting and helpful. Below are some tips to help attract new patients through your blog:

  • Whether you post content once per week or once monthly, make sure that you update your blog regularly
  • Break up your written content into manageable sections with headlines
  • Include a call to action to encourage prospective patients to visit your practice


8) Enlist the expertise of an accomplished digital marketing firm. Foxtail Marketing has the tools and industry experience needed to help you attract new patients and promote your brand by creating an effective organic marketing message. Please contact us to find out how our experts can take your medical practice marketing to the highest level of sophistication.